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Heziel (angel)

Guides you to see how you can resolve any conflict or problems with your current relationship so that you both can be loving and peaceful again.

Botis (demon)

Brings you to understand any current problems your partner has so the two of you can easily resolve them without any problems; guides you to communicate in a way that both people understand what needs to be done in order to have a loving relationship again.

Hastur (the Old Ones)

Grants deep emotional understanding so both partners are perfectly in tune with each others. Let’s each of them know what problems are there so that they can equally dissolve all tension and conflict without any issues.

Erebus (Greek spirit) –

Brings a mildly conflicted relationship to resolution and peace, then allows the love and compassion to build to a far deeper and stronger point.


Repair love conflict using the demons:


Using Greeks:


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Pahaliah –

Allows you to understand yourself spiritually so that you don’t have any mental or emotional confusion later in life; enables you to experience a very deep life awakening.

Yeyayel –

Brings you to completely understand yourself and others through deep personal reflection and detox of everything negative in your life so that you can be reborn anew; allows you to move forward into a drastically better version of you that elevates your spirit and your soul.


Enter spiritual transcendence using the qlippopth angels:


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