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Trying to get reality to work out –

Never had to be anything weirdly wrong…or unsuccessful, and when we have different focus aims going into the future…

It just means that our minds and their emotions…meaning all the stuff that acts against us –

All of that shit just feels very unkept and almost…

Just oddly formed – because we cannot, straightforwardly –

Understand things as they are…without any hesitation and some spirits can help us with understanding life potential and reaching our true personal success…

Shub-Niggurath (the Old Ones) – Brings us to think and reflect on how we are so that we can understand what we are fully able to achieve so that we can create long term goals that we abide by and stick to for years to come.

Odd moments of realization don’t have to continually unsettle us –

But in other forms and walks of life, we just have to be real with who we are and how things come together…

Because that has to mean that our minds, and their emotions…just have to be completely tuned into something vastly…and incredibly more meaningful and deeper –

Though we might dig as deeply as we can just so that we know how to think and manage our emotional lives along the way – and an angel can help us here…

Shahahiah (qlippoth angel) – Guides your mindset and emotions to be far stronger and more stable so that you can handle stress a lot easier; challenges won’t unsettle you and confuse you nearly as much, with your ability to handle life’s turbulent moments and problems increasing greatly over time.

This may not be the smoothest or…unchallenged journey –

Because it has to be made rough and incredibly cleansed out…

Nothing about this world has to be any different, and everything just maximizes itself…once we all realize that we can reach the impossible through very powerful spirit guidance –

…then nothing is truly, and successfully – ever out of reach.


Fulfill your potential using the Old Ones:


Using the qlippoth angels:


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Removing life misunderstanding and the stress that comes from mass confusion –

Can be a very mystical and problematic process…

Which is why we have to be alert and attentive for when life gets rough and dirty, and we have to resolve intense problems with very…almost limited options –

And that cannot be the case, because we need to be able to see into the present moment and the future – and help eradicate problems as they come up…

Maimun – Causes you to see your current and past problems for what they really are, resolve them – and move on without experiencing those same issues going into the future; brings great clarity and insight so that you can know and move past all confusing and complex situations that hold you and your projects and life back.

When you want some internal thoughts to finally make sense –

And we realize that we have to have life and emotional…but also mental clarity when we look to deal with life’s problems…

Then we might need a bit more help, and one more djinn can open our eyes to seeing and understanding things a little deeper –

Shamhurish – Opens your mind, heart and soul to understanding where you need to go in life so that everything just falls together far easier and better; you don’t have nearly as many problems or issues that would have otherwise devastated your life, and your path is now far more cleared and out in the open so that others can know and feel how intensely different and awake you are now.

Developing a very strong sense for the future will bring you to a very differently…intensely better salvation –

And it makes a difference that our voices and the pictures of the world through our eyes…

All of it just makes sense that we have to move forward – very carefully and not even slowly, but cautiously…examining a lot of smaller details as we move and go along.

Somehow everything just adds up to a very strong and slightly bewildering experience, because if we can move and shift our lives into a greater and vastly…not even different –

But something that can be used for the years to come…then maybe we can finally and legitimately live our lives to the fullest, and the djinn can help us do all of that.


Gain clarity using the djinn:


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