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Dealing With Nasty Enemies Using Magick

Netahiah (angel) –

Binds and silences your enemies so that they cannot harm you further; causes them to feel exposed in their evil ways to others so that they retract and do not wish to cause damage to others.

Prometheus (Greek spirit) –

Destroys your enemies sense of reality in a way that they cannot easily think of you or anyone closet to you; guides them to see and feel how bad they have been over the years and to feel the crashing rebound of their nasty and evil ways through emotional and mental torment.

Zoba’ah (djinn) –

Creates life destruction in the form of severe bad luck that creates accidents, mental confusion and emotional torment in a way that they are no longer in your life; they are guided to know how evil they have been as they experience hell on earth in the form of deep life crisis with all of their past wrongs brought into memory with emotional torment and suffering the whole way.


Deal with your enemies using magick…




Allows to you to see how you can be more efficient and successful with your life as it is so that everything gets better and you just understand what you need to go to get ahead.


Gradually enhances your finances and personal life so that you are always on top of everything without any huge errors coming up.


Causes you to see how you can achieve your goals faster through wiser decision making and more intelligent life choices that you make where everything just becomes smooth and less problematic.


Enhance life using the demons:


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