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Attempting to make sense of our lives and worlds in a single instant –

Can come if you have the right power and momentum pushing you forward.

Because it makes sense that our lives – and internal fire have to be harnessed in very particular ways…when you have the gods and spirits working on your side…

Geb – Enhances your vision of what you can achieve with your money life in general so that everything is much easiest to evolve and manage over time; causes you to think about your finances in a way that brings you more abundance over the years without having to deal with such severe money problems.

Bringing your mind and life to a whole new world and level means that our understanding has to be far more involved and almost removed in some places –

Some how we just need to be and sustain being far better and stronger people…

Because that is how the gods run our energy and lives into far better and kind of –

…very enduring territory because we all know that when we try harder and achieve more…that everything else just slides into place in a far more enriching and believable way altogether – and a few more Egyptians can help here…

Anubis – Brings you to see how your love life can be enhanced and guides you to make everything stronger and better through the easiest actions you can take; works well even if you aren’t in a relationship whatsoever, but also helps if you have a relationship that you want to enhance over time.

Hapi – Enables you to understand what your perfect career is so that you can have a plan of action for entering that and developing yourself in your ideal industry.

Everything might be falling together…

But we also have to consider that we need to it all to snap neatly into place – and that won’t remotely be a problem, so as long as we have the right and proper spirits and tools to help us get to where we need…and deeply desire to be.


Use the Egyptian spirits to enhance your life:


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Making life better through a series of very special moments –

Might actually be a special thing in general for our financial lives and the rewards that we eventually gain…

…all of that just has to center together and make sense – in a very large and magically honed in sort of way.

We just need to focus our minds and spirits into creating something very directly powerful…

Even if that takes away from the fun that might be lurking around the next corner – and several different spirits can help here –

Plutus (Greek spirit) – Creates money related luck that hits unexpectedly; randomly gives you amazing serendipity.

Shub-Niggurath (the Old Ones) – Creates deep financial fortune; enables miraculous moments of money serendipity that are seemingly impossible; you get a great deal that seems impossible, you don’t pay for something through an almost impossible set of events etc.

Marduk (Sumerian spirit) – Grants financial serendipity in a way that you get random good luck with your money and general finances.

Making this all make sense in a very step by step fashion –

…might just mean that our mental lives get pushed into a new and solid overdrive…

Whilst we figure out the rest through a very powerful sequence of hateful memories that we just need to let go of.

That makes everything else magical, though somehow…

Our financial lives just bleed and blend into a very differently powerful series of money related happiness –

With the spirits…obviously this is directly and openly possible.


Enhance your finances using the Greek spirits:


Using the Old Ones:


Using the Sumerian spirits:


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