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Amplifying your life with obscure spirits…

When challenges arise and our spirits are high –

We need to embrace the idea and fact that our language and thoughts tend to be something…

…and even that thought had to be squashed because…we just have to move into something very differently better and strong.

And if that could happen without too much negativity and life catastrophe – then things might be a lot better in the end, and overall –

Because our worlds can be shifted and…drastically changed dynamically for the better.

With several spirits guiding us along the way – because we always secretly knew that this would be a thing long term, and obviously…they’re here to help…

Shub-Niggurath (the Old Ones) – Changes your thinking and actions in a way that aligns far more with true success and achieving your goals more consistently, then guides you to become far more motivated and persistent to achieve your goals in general.

Inanna (Sumerian spirit) – Removes anxiety and self-doubt in general you are far more focused, directed and aimed at exactly what you need to get done, then shifts everything so that you understand what you want and how to get it through a number of action steps over time that you are guided to make.

Once the pieces of this very enormous…thing we call life –

…and we just need to stop right there and truly examine what we have in general – because this is some crazy stuff we are aiming for and working to put together.

But that does not immediately mean that our work and minds cannot easily…

Somehow the world will not bend so easily to an unfocused brain – mental world, and mind –

Which is why we need to have the spirits help guide our thoughts into place in a very direct and far more concentrated way.

Though none of this will come without a tiny bit of effort..the gains over time are surely, but also disastrously worth the time, money and…

It’s just not a question anymore that the spirits can greatly help us succeed in a very different way.


Enhance your life using the Old Ones:


With the Sumerian spirits:


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