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Attracting prosperity breakthroughs through magick…

Bringing your mindset and life to the next level must involve becoming better –

…through intensely satisfying and evolutionary moments of radical enlightenment.

Because all of this has to build our confidence and mental momentum into a brand new level and everything has to maximize very differently…

If we want a deep and satisfying money and prosperity related breakthrough – then we just need to guide ourselves into the next level with some spirit help –

Orobas (demon) – Brings in intensely surreal moments of crazy insight that bring you to the next level in your finances and money life – then leads to unexpected and serendipitous money events that greatly help you long term.

Nitel (angel) – Changes your thinking long term so that hugely beneficial financial breakthroughs are incredibly simple and easy to come by – then shifts your mindset so that you are constantly ahead with your finances, even during challenging periods.

Digging our way into a new and renewed future…

Has to be a good thing long term, while our finances and lives as a whole –
Evolve and become far stronger and intensely differently…

…just immensely differently better as the years and months past.

With the demons and angels guiding us along – everything should be better than what we have ever expected –


Attract greater prosperity using the angels:


Using the demons:


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