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Becoming So Good They Can’t Ignore You With Magick

Yezelel (angel) –

Gives you the insight and knowledge needed so that you can enhance your skills and talents in a way that keeps you valuable and relevant in what your work or industry is; brings others who are valuable to know and connect with to you so that you can work your way up in your career a bit faster.

Pollux (Greek spirit) –

Brings you to see how you can enhance your skills and talents as it is directly relevant to your work and business; guides you to provide the best of yourself at all times so that others see you as valuable.

Nelachel (angel) –

Develops your understanding of what is needed in your job or career so that you are always slightly ahead of game, with no worries about being under valued or obsolete.

Sekhmet (Egyptian spirit) –

Grants you long term vision so that you can see and understand how to become the best of yourself long term, over the years to come.


Become the best of yourself with the angels:


The Egyptian spirits:


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