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Boosting your luck with the Sumerian spirits…

Guiding your intuitive luck and fortune into a higher level –

Might require some genuine and severe spirit guidance to bring everyone and thing to a whole new level.

Some might think that their luck and good periods in life just cannot easily be guided into place in the right ways…

That just means that we might need some Sumerian spirits to help us out –

Marduk – Guides you into situations of serendipity and fortune which thereby increase the amount of lucky and miraculous events that you experience. Mildly boosts your emotional well being and ability to see the good in almost all situations.

Developing your life and good fortune to the point that you do not have to worry about horrific bad stuff unhinging your life on a constant basis…

I think means that we are on a good momentum roll with what is all currently happening in our lives at this moment –

And one more Sumerian spirit can help us achieve far more moments of great luck…

Aruru – Brings you lucky events and fortunate situations that can build over time and guide you into greater and stronger serendipity and lucky life situations over the coming weeks and months.

If only those around us could figure out that streaming moment of personal desire and –

…just weird and crazy other stuff that likely doesn’t even almost…

Make any sense at all – because we know that our lives are precious, and that we have to link our mental worlds together with everything that luck and fortune have to offer –

This all has to point to a better life in general, and these very curiously…almost hidden…

But powerful spirits are here to help us thrive…and to guide our energy into a much higher and brighter level –


Boost your luck with the Sumerians:


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