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Cementing My Mark Into Eternity (series)

When the world fights back against legitimately genuine and positive efforts to make everything better – you know that big brother and the reptilians are out there trying to mess everything up. This wouldn’t have ended any other other way than for us to become the best of ourselves over time and for nasty ill warranted actions to just kill us all in very hated and descriptive waves that literally just made the evil people go away, and caused the good people to get stronger. I won’t say that any of this was easy, but it hurt in the worst ways possible – because this was life and death mixed together in a very bad way, almost to the point that no one wanted to live anymore, and that wasn’t a problem – but we did the best we could to move forward into the twilight of whatever was dealt to us, and came next.

Episode Onehttps://www.amazon.com/dp/B07J43M1GJ





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