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Crafting the ideal life through…

And this one is a little different because we’re not directly talking about spirits –

Which is very odd – but one of my other projects has taken off like a show of thunder fireworks…

That I get to reveal to everyone.

But first we have to get things clear and obvious…

This is not strictly about magick, but about sound – and where music those very particular frequencies can take you –

Which is not a common topic, but if you know about subliminals and how my services have helped countless of people through magick already…

You will surely understand and agree that this is going to be something vastly and impossibly different –

I might even be talking to your higher self right now – just to square away the smaller details.

Because this is strong stuff, and though I have full confidence in my projects…

It is time to reveal everything that I have…in a very systematic and abrupt way –

And so here we go…


Change everything through dynamic subliminal technology:


Would you like a custom ritual?



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