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Creating devastating Curses using Greek Magick

With ever greater, life situations come those…who might be against us, and I have worked with the Greek paradigm, and these spirits for many years now. Their baneful powers and cursing force, is quite unbelievable and can force, and create…very deep and debilitating damage to our enemies.

I have already written a baneful Greak Magick, and cursing volume, but this almost warrants its own book. For hardcore Greek baneful magick, is slightly different and I will have to give this idea some thought. The curses have a Greek, and everclear slant to them…meaning, likely long term damage, and no thought of your enemes, likely…ever recovering or coming back to living, life.

Greater baneful Greek magick, can be done with a few Greek spirits…

Hydra…can bring, great life damage to those who have harmed or…purposefully done hurt or damages against us. Brings the target into life altering harm and devastation.

Hyperion…causes very thorough, life damage and devastation to enemies of love, money or very…unique or particular enemies, that act in terms of a unique angle, or special circumstances. Causes them very uniquely special destruction, that brings them into a life, of devastation, and long term destruction.

Kratos…forces the target, through a prolonged period of hardcore life calamities and forced devastation, events where their whole, lives are brought…into long term, grave lethal peril. This happens over a series of baneful attack, events.

The key, and point of these higher, force and power attacks from the Greek gods, is that they are…higher concentration, and directed with more life, and magick force.

I study this greatly in my Greek ritual work, and the curses, clearly land and have…much higher impact, when enacted, from a Greek, qliphothic angle. That is the key here, which is not usuall or even common to understand. I know this might be implying way too much about quality of each, ritual strike, but this is true…and the Greek qliphoth magick current, is very intense and should be used, and studied through very cautious, and careful means, only.

This is just part of my normal, life study and the Greek baneful qliphoth is just a slightly higher, gear and force of power, that is very useful.

It can even be used for wealth, or life insight, or self discovery, and it is very intense, and powerful to work with, directly…which is why it caught my eye, and I have been developing my…qliphothic methods, ever since discovering this system of magick.

Even if the qliphoth is not your direct interest, it can be very curious, and life changing to work with these…Greek spirits, for many other things, and even topics of…life improvement, and money. For curses, clearly these Greek god forms, will knock some thunder out of your enemies, and that might not…remotely be anything that, they or any others…might ever, be able to recover from.

Greater cursing – using Greek spirits:


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