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Creating seismic life shifts with the qlippoth angels…

Big changes and life…dynamic shifts don’t happen without reason –

And we now almost know for certain that things can get wildly painfully…differently, crazy and intense over time…

Because that is how impossibly good that things can be, when all of our good merit…almost just, flies out of the window.

If you want seriously deep and lasting life change – the qlippoth angels can help –

Achaiah – Allows your life to shift in a way that is perfect for your life path, but deep and big enough to transition all major elements so that everything is changed for the better and you are more aligned with who you truly are.

Heziel – Causes your life to be thrown into over drive; enables deep resonating change to strike so that you can quickly become whatever new state of being you want to be in the shortest amount of time possible.
Making this life and world work for you…

Requires that you understand what it means to enrich your mental resources, and your mind eye in a very – specifically different way –

…because that also means that our variables are not off track…and that we can flex our mental lives in a way that creates impossibly meaning life changes…

And that can happen, as long as you understand yourself and how life can take you where you need to be – and one last angel can help –

Lavel – Causes you to understand where you want to go and guides you to take the exact steps to get there fast; you take whatever reasonable measures to enact deep change in your life, thereby shifting everything very quickly to the next level for yourself.

This is creating that initial…internal wave of, evolving past feeling that impossibly rich discomfort…that comes when you accidentally made too many mistakes in life –

That is some very intensely deep shit…and that just pulls our minds and lives out of the mental and emotional off track…gutters – and helps realign everything to where it needs to be…

And though the angels can help – we need to be the first ones that bring our minds and lives back to a better place…through very creatively intense, and impossibly effective – magick and sorcery.


Creating seismic life shifts using the qlippoth angels:


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