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Detoxing And Releasing From Negativity For A Full Life Transformation Through Magick

Valefor (demon) –

Guides your thinking to be cleansed and open so that you can experience a full and complete mental and emotional metamorphosis where your mind, body and soul become completely different and far more aligned to where you should be in this life.

Azazel (Sumerian spirit) –

Shifts your soul, mind and thinking in totality so that you are left completely detoxified and cleansed from spirit to skin, without any question about who you are and why you are on this planet; then guides you to open your mind and emotions to supreme happiness and success long term.

Expanded Power (while using both spirits)…

Detox implied…you are driven to perform and execute at your highest ability, pushing yourself and talents to the limit to reach your greatest self. Once the initial detox is complete you are thrust into deeper cleansing which guides you to release old beliefs and ideas which you have clung to for far too long.

When the main cleansing and detox is complete, and you are ready for more achievement and success expansions, and that helps push and pull you into different unique directions so that you can fully embrace and attain all the success and happiness that you desire and need long term.

Enhance and detoxify life using…

Using the demons:


The Sumerian spirits:


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