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Embracing Success and Financial Abundance Through Magick

Melahel (qlippoth angel) –

Allows us to embody and embrace success, while also reversing all negativity thrown at us and flips that into positive energy and success for us.

Och (Olympic spirit)

Brings us financial luck and success through smarter planning, more intelligent decisions, and far fewer dumb and foolish money related things we might make.

Valefor (demon)

Grants us the mindset to think about our finances and act upon them positively such that we are always in mental and physical financial prosperity; brings us to act in a way that we always have steady cash flow.

Tiamat (Sumerian spirit)

Cause us to think and act in a way that supports complete success in all ways that matter most including money, personal life and career; guides us to reduce foolish choices down to zero.


Embrace success using the qlippoth angels:


Using the demons:


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