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Enhancing your life and using the spirits to boost your success, prosperity and happiness…

Understanding what happiness, joy and personal success mean to you can sometimes be that massively small hurdle that is just far too difficult and hard –

…and nope – we will not be starting with negative ideas here.

Because it does not make any sense at all to prolong the ideas of being negative in general –

And that has already almost brought us in a very unfavorable and differently not good direction.

Somehow we just need to remove ourselves from the outrageous difficulties of the past, present…

And far future altogether –

Nothing about embracing a stronger and better life has to be difficult or hard…and several spirits can help us here…

Iyahel (angel) – Guides you to see and understand exactly what you need to do in order to reach the next level of your life; you are shown how to enhance success and prosperity in a way that perfectly aligns with your life path.

Typhon (Greek spirit) – Enables you to think and act in a way that you are fully working to make your life more aligned with prosperity and success; you act in ways that brings in far more money and happiness – you learn to embrace abundance in a way that allows you to feel good about your life on a consistent basis.

Feeling into a better world doesn’t have to start with pain and anguish the way that a lot of other people think –

It has to be about understanding and reaching into a better life altogether…

Because it makes sense that our minds and lives need to have a better foundation overall – but step by step, and definitely not all at once…though one more spirit can help align and balance prosperity with life purpose in our lives –

Ningizzida (Sumerian spirit) – Causes us to align our life paths with abundance and prosperity in a way that we have far more income and cash flow than ever before; we just know what to do in order to make our lives fully prosperous, and there is no question that we are on the right path to making everything a lot better for ourselves.

These spirits might lead to curious changes up ahead, but that is a very dangerously curious path to trek –

And we just have to be ourselves in general and acknowledge that the past and present do not equally find the same footing in general…because that almost cannot easily make any sense.

I have to leave it all as it is…for now – because the gods are heavily at work in your life as we speak –

But this is about grant and almost reluctant change happening over time…

And we just cannot easily bring ourselves to that next level overall if we do not act to change things immediately.


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