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Enhancing your love life with the greek spirits…

This isn’t about what most people think –

And that’s because love and self understanding is a very confusing topic.

I wish the gods could speak to us directly about what’s really going on in this world…

But we have to admit and self examine ourselves to the point that life just suddenly makes sense –

Some others might not be willing to dig this far into this very brutal and self reflective…though pained version of reality…

Because you have to be honest with yourself as you confront the gods with…whatever it is that you need –

And love is our current topic of interest…

Hermes – Increases your love understanding of your own life so that self-love comes first and you attract your lover by resolving your internal conflict; enhances your understanding of yourself so that others are pulled in by your light.

Cupid – Removes love misunderstandings and increases capacity for love others; reduces self-doubt as it relates to loving others and partially self-love.

Developing your mind and life at the same time doesn’t have to be with that other person in your life –

And this is going to get shoved into heavy over drive until we meet our ideal selves…

Which can happen if you allow the gods and spirits of this land to bend and shift your life to accommodate a very different way to view love, compassion and –

Just let them help you remove mistakes and errors from your thinking…and perhaps things will get better…

Proteus – Removes love misunderstandings so that a couple, or single person, can understand where they are going and why they are where they are.

With our minds clear, and our hearts light –

…this all suddenly becomes far better – and almost clear, with clarity and more knowledge in our minds and hearts.

None of this is about moving onwards, but it is about becoming better and not even shyer…

But more open to knowledge as it helps us become better humans, and more compassionate and loving people as a whole –

It’s all going to get better…but through a series of moments of very hefty – though light…

Realizations about who we are and where we need to go.


Enhance your love life with the Greek spirits:


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