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Enhancing your mental aptitude and memory with magick…

Bending reality in order to get a stronger mind is not what we need –

But we might require a very hefty shift in the wrong and right directions in general.

Nothing about this has to be wrong, but also…

…we cannot allow ourselves to get off track in general, because that’s not a good thing – and our minds can handle much greater and better thoughts and thinking overall…and we just have to embrace those mental faculties for the long run –

Others might let their tongues and memories slip…but that’s just them and our lives have to trudge along, full with significantly positive and resilient facts in our minds and brains.

Building up our minds and memory with the spirits can be very fun – and almost conveniently easy…just as long as you have a few interesting and curious helpers guiding you along…

Valac (demon) – Enables you to think faster and be the best of yourself mentality in all situations that matter most; you are able to think with a little more agility and precision, and you can perfectly express your thoughts to others in a way that best communicates what you need to say.

Cthulhu (the Old Ones) – Boosts your focus over time so that you don’t lose track of your thoughts or the crucial things you need to hold in your mind at any one time; enables you to focus yourself at will so that you are always able to hold yourself mentally at all times.

Mental deliverance might come in the form of those particular days just streaming along without any mind hiccups or hurdles –

And that’s when we kind of know that our brains and short…though also long term memories as well…

Get boosted and enhanced – and somehow the world isn’t so foggy and unclear.

Because too many people don’t know that Cthulhu and the demons can help with mental clarity and even life inspiration and insight –

But this just has to shift and bend into another dimension and form of living out very gracefully…

And that’s enough for now – because the spirits want to help us grow in all potential ways – and that’s just not going to be delayed whatsoever…just as long as we can remember to reach out for their long term help in our lives and minds in general.


Enhancing your mind using the demons:


The Old Ones:


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