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Gaining life fortune using the qliphoth angel lelahel…

In several moments in my life I have used different styles of magick to gain luck, and different types of success.

The angels, and the qliphothic aspect of the angels has been very useful for me.

I have used their powers in ritual format for many years now, and my success – luck, and general fortune has ever increased…with impossible success angles allowing me to gain greater writing success, and business advancements and developments – over time.

Angels such as lelahel are incredibly powerful – for things like business, and personal luck – and I have used the qliphoth evocation of this angel, for very deep luck…as it relates to personal success, and general fortune, for my writing and literature – and even for different business side projects.

The qliphoth angels are deeply powerful, and very easy to access – if you have the right mindset and series of…mind requests, to help yourself – better understand your feelings and desires as it brings you into far higher, magick power (because the qliphoth is quite – unique and powerful -) and I have used many qliphoth angels to deeply expand my businesses, and writing – styles, and gain…deeper success within my occult writings, and literature, and short stories.

Lelahel has been an enormous help, and – just as a small mention of a uniquely matched other Egyptian spirit that can help – you gain personal self mastery, and self power…in addition to developing your, general and self luck – and gain greater life, and personal fortune based success – in general.

…the Egyptian spirit here, that is a grand, and great compliment – to lelahel, is khepri – and this god form, and unique Egyptian god form…spirit, is very creative and unique…

And can easily help us all – gain, greater success – luck, and fortune, in whatever our life endeavours or projects, might demand – or ask…out of each of us.

If you would like to work with – the qliphoth angels…


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