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Going from zero to full blown business with magick…

If that nagging feeling to get into your own enterprise has hit you –

Then maybe starting a business is up your alley.

This is about taking life…not even by the head, shoulders and – horns…

But about gaining the clarity you need through the angels to make sure everything fits perfectly together and is completely on track long term –

There are almost too many spirits to mention that can help with money and business – but we will be exploring just a few here…

Yezelel (qlippoth angel) – Enables you to gain all needed insight about the right business to get into and setup; allows you to strategize planning everything out so that you can easily go from idea to full business in a very short amount of time.

Lucifuge (demon) – Guides you from thinking and planning your business to completely setting everything up; enables you to see how everything comes together and you can profit long term through new business ideas.

Launching life into a very different direction takes a lot of merit and courage, and it is going to be a lot heavier…

But not harder to create your business over time.

If you wait, nothing gets easier or simpler –

But your own ticking time clock will let you know…

That opportunities are slipping away and that life – just needs to go in that business related direction –

One last spirit can help with ideas and creating that catalyst moment where everything just seems to…go in the right direction…

Cronos (Greek spirit) – Grants you the proper inspiration you need to find momentum and direction for your idea or business; guides you to establish yourself in a way that is perfect for you and your business.

Shielding yourself from bad ideas and improper emotions and feelings is not what we are after here –

Because that means and implies that we have to protect ourselves…when really, we have to expose ourselves to the elements and get roughed up and tougher in a more direct way.

Something about this process is very purposeful and dutiful, and we just have to have this litany of spirits and gods guide us forward into the next dimension of…

Whatever it is that might be coming next.


Build up your finances using the qlippoth angels:


Using the demons:


Using Greek spirits:



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