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Hardcore Baneful Sorcery Using Luna And Karkia (Greek Magick)

No one – uses the ancient Greek spirits, and god forms – for deep cursing sorcery, and general baneful magick…but when you want to get your enemies dealt with, and destroyed – the Greek spirits…are perfectly strong and powerful.

If you want to dive into properly – integrated and very concentrated…

Greek Baneful Magick – then I highly suggest diving into…proper and – simple Greek sorcery in general…and deal with your enemies in a very straight forward and extremely – powerful, and blunt way.

Luna – curses enemies with extreme life destruction, and spiritual world – life confusion in a way that…is very obvious and beyond devastating. This can be or lead to long term life devastated destruction, and general – beyond everlasting life – damage.

Karkia – causes extremely harmful self deceptive lying or extremely damaging life destruction to those who are extremely deceitful or otherwise…very internally damaging or lying manipulative in their own ways. Can cause permanent life – beyond extreme damage for severe or serious offenders.

Baneful Magick – using the Greek spirits:

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