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Improving your life in all ways that matter through magick…

To bring yourself into another whole new and very –

…oddly felt reality is quite different.

But we have to become better and more illuminated in all relevant ways that count…

Because this is the next level, and nothing else really feels right because we just have to change no matter what at this point –

And this doesn’t have to hurt no matter how deeply ignorant and pained…though simply rough and tumble it all has been up until this point.

The spirits are willing to guide and help, but only in so much as we are willing to gracefully change…

Phul (Olympic spirit) – Guides you to understand what you need to do in life so that everything is just better and nothing is the same; you know how to enhance and change your life in all ways that matter going forward and you will know you are completely on track with everything.

Nememiah (qlippoth angel) – Grants you deep understanding of life direction and where to go when you are stuck; causes you to see all ways that you can improve your life so that everything becomes a lot better very fast and in a way that you don’t have any confusion going into the future.

Dissolving a negative past in favor of embracing a positive and very strong future is a very powerful thing that we all need to firmly become and just…

The last of our efforts just need to be sadly not even misplaced –

But open to the heart of the world…and the oceans of discovery are for us here and now…

Because if we get distracted and look away – somehow and some way –

It might not be what we expected, but one last Sumerian spirits can help guide us toward a work life and personal understanding that will bring us beyond the heavens…

Enlil (Sumerian spirit) – Enables you to understand yourself perfectly in a way that you know where to go with your work life; guides you to the proper job or career so that you can be happy and have plenty of room for growth so that you can grow long term in a position that you won’t get tired of and that you can rely on for years to come.

We can all move into a new mental and emotional world of new goals, and actual literal personal discovery –

Because it all physically and literally means that we are going to be better…

And we are openly becoming better over time.

Which has to be an advantage of some sort –

Likely with life opening up and directly getting far freer and more successful…

Though also more tolerable and less freakish and bizarre as each of these days past.


Improve your life using the Olympic spirits:


Using the qlippoth angels:


Sumerian spirits:


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