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Letting go of fear through the demons and angels…

Here we have a pretty interesting topic.

What fears have held you back over the years?

Has it been of random stuff that freaks you out, or something much deeper that you can’t pinpoint.

Did you know that demons have a speciality in this?

Angels can help, but demons are pretty good at resolving issues like fears that can cripple us for years.

Did you know that they could dig deeply into the stuff that holds you back in ways you couldn’t understand before?

Yep, this is pretty powerful stuff.

Marchosias (demon) – Enables us to understand our fear, thereby letting us release it

Sabnock (demon) – Gives us understanding of what holds us back (our fears) so that we can let go

For fear, the angels have a slightly different take on things.

They resolve things from deeper understanding, helping us to resolve things that are very obscure, sometimes to the point where we never realized a fear could go so deep, and some of you know exactly what I mean.

The angels can help bring us past that point of not  understanding and desperately clinging onto our fears long term…

Lehachiah – Brings us deep understanding of past fears and situations where it held us back. We then transcend that fear that letting it go

Yelahiah – Gives deep understanding of fears, guilt and shame so that we understand how it has held us back. We then self-reflect on how damaging it has been, and transcend it (let it go)

What if we have a deep seated fear that we don’t know we had?

That’s not as obscure as you think. The spirits can dig this out and show you what’s wrong.

It’s sort of like going to a therapist who actually knows what they’re talking about; it almost doesn’t compare.

Long ago I used a few angel and demon combinations that I wasn’t sure would work, and the next spirit popped up randomly revealing an interesting power I didn’t think he had.

Halphas (demon) – Gives deep understanding of fears you can’t directly understand or that you don’t know you have; you just vaguely know you’re fearful of certain things, but you don’t know what they are.

Do you see how powerful this is now?

It can be tremendously illuminating to release stuff you never knew you had bogging you down.

Can you imagine releasing from that crap that literally creeps up on you unexpectedly?

Once you understand that your fears are deeper than you imagine, you’ll get a feel for how deep everything can seriously get.

Halphas has the unique ability to get us to understand our fear in a very interesting way. We understand it from its deepest roots, thereby knowing how to let go and sort of releasing everything from the very start of the problem.

That’s not an easy thing to do on your own, and many people have tried to do it but can’t feel into it.

But that’s not a problem for us because we know who to ask for help.

Don’t you think it’s time for change?


Remove your fears with the demons:


Using the angels:


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