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Punishing Your Enemies Into Torment Using The Djinn

6 Djinn Rulers –

Mudhib – Creates hideous feeling of remorse and sadness.

Murrah – Brings enemies to feel the weight and pain of their past mistakes.

Barqan – Causes mental and emotional devastation for your enemies giving them horrible visions.

Shamhurish – Destroys your enemies ability to think clearly, bringing them into a deep sorrow where they reflect on their past mistakes and sins.

Zoba’ah – Brings your enemies into submission, removes them from your life and creates a deep hideous feeling that people hate them and are out to attack them.

Maimun Abba Nuch – Let’s your enemies know that they messed up and brings them into a very intense emotional breakdown where they feel the full force of all their evil acts and ways.


Use the Djinn to attain whatever you desire:


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