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Realigning with your life path using the viking gods…

Becoming our ideal selves takes a bit of effort –

But that cannot easily be thought of…in an incorrect way that prevents impossible mental mischief from happening.

We have to embody a stronger and more powerful vision for the future, and that happens through having the spirits – and in this case, the vikings – balance out and help empower your life…

Several vikings can help with very drastic life realignment –

Aslaug – Shifts our thinking and lives to better align with our true life paths in a way that makes more sense for our careers, personal lives and gives us better life outlook with more positive emotions and thoughts in general.

Once our thinking is better honed in and tuned into a place that…

Can bring us to a higher foundation, in terms of mortifying consequences and long term guilt based subjects of internal insecurities…

And that might force us to become the worst of ourselves over time – though it makes sense that armageddon of our minds and souls pushes us to annihilate whatever is bad within us –

…but that cannot be seen as a bad thing, and now we just have to get our knowledge and beliefs about this world…and how success works within our lives…completely aligned long term…

Skadi – Brings us to understand, comprehend and fully embrace what it means to be prosperous, successful and completely in tune with what we’re supposed to be doing in this life – then shifts our goals to be more ambitious and causes others around us to either be neutral or to support our efforts over time.

This is now about embracing a new future, and letting go of everything that makes life and our internal lessons of hate and dishonesty…

…very warped and out of touch with our proper lives and reality.

If things go well, then we and others we affect win out –

But if things go poorly, we only have ourselves to blame for inadequate actions and thoughts done over time – and to prevent that and help us flourish…

We have the viking gods to help us to reach, exceed – and transcend whatever that holds us back, going into the near and very far…futures.


Improve your life using the Viking Gods:


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