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Removing deep internal blocks you have against money…

Moving on from the past doesn’t have to be a colossal challenge –

And that new life of prosperity and actual financial abundance doesn’t have to be so far away.

We are talking about releasing and dropping those old money crap beliefs and shifting into a whole new world of actual monetary positive movement…

Because this gets insanely better and more abundant as we move on along, and nothing really holds back the future than the past somehow magically…not even getting in the way, but feeling as if that is genuinely a thing –

One very strikingly curious spirit can help move us into a whole new world of stronger empowered thoughts…

Ophiel (Olympic spirit) – Enables you to understand which beliefs you have that hold you back in your financial life; causes you to release from those internal blocks so that you can move on and adopt far stronger and more empowering money habits.

Clearing out the past to make actual legitimate room for the future and better present reality –

Just doesn’t have to be a bad thing whatsoever…

And that can come about from  ridiculous changes that slip into place over time.

Because the past does not need to haunt us forever, and those internal block against money just do not need to be a thing long term.

Lesser known spirits such as Ophiel can help bring you into that greater and stronger…level that just doesn’t easily give in or hold back – and that’s what the near and far future can hold for you –


Looking for some clearing?


Using the Olympic spirits:



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