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Resolving guilt, shame and fear with demons…

Shaping our lives without horrifying emotions that literally make everything worse –

Do not have to be what holds us back from realizing our true potential over time…

And that means a world of difference when things get very chalky and white, but our intentions have to get better – though everything over time…requires change, and we need to be far less bogged down by unnecessary emotions to get there –

One particular demon can help here…

Shaz – Helps you self-reflect on your past painful memories in a neutral way so you can understand them; allows you to dig deep, understand the lesson of those memories and release the guilt, shame and fear attached.
When things develop to the point that your mind and emotions are not so strong and held together…

And that technically does not make any sense, but it makes a difference that our lives – and emotional powers hold that internal fortitude that enables us to be stronger and much more integrated for long term uses –
That easily brings us to a differently higher level, and things can only get better – as we bring in haures to help stabilize our emotions for long term help…

Haures – Enables you think clearly despite intense past emotions that literally hold you back from reflecting and examining life more deeply. Then causes your brain to shift into a much stronger and clearer gear so that your emotions don’t cause you discomfort and pain…preventing you from properly thinking (you get over the guilt, shame and fear through clear thought – and clarified emotions) which then guides you to a much better place in your mental thinking and life as a whole.

With these demons guiding your emotional world back on track –

…everything gets that much clearer and better as we become better people over time, and life doesn’t have that hectic element to it…

Where everything feels iffy and off center.

This is about bringing our brains and thinking back to square one, and that enables a lot of good movement…

Especially when we strive to become better, and our lives show exactly where we need to go…and we understand how to follow things to that higher level –

Because we are emotionally clear enough, with better and more…stable thinking and emotions, to bring us to where we need to be.


Remove past trauma using the demons:


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