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Resolving your money situation when you’re very low on cash through magick…

No one wants to be in a situation where they need to cover their expenses but they’re low on money.

It’s not an ideal scenario for anyone to be in but when it happens we know we have to prevent things like this from happening in the future.

This can be a budget issue, or it can just be that you don’t have funds set aside for unexpected events – but you have to realize that we’re still talking about your budget here – that doesn’t change much at all.

If you have a situation that requires you to pay for stuff that you don’t have the money for – you just need to adjust your budget a little bit so that things are a little better in the future.

A few spirits can help here…

Dionysus (Greek spirit) – Enables us to think perfectly about our situations so that we can resolve any money issues very quickly so that we can build up extra cash on the side; allows us to develop better finances and a budget going forward.

Chaamiah (qlippoth angel) – Guides us to create far better finances where we are able to think clearly and wisely about all our money decisions so that we never make foolish financial moves; enables us to change our finances in a way that we always have money set aside and a far stronger budget going forward.

Once you have a bit more financial momentum, life looks and feels a lot better because you have more money to fall back on – and you tend not to have as many money worries going forward.

It’s a pretty big deal that you don’t have to obsessively think about the future and your money situation so aggressively anymore.

We already know that life won’t be so tediously bad, so we will be enjoying the fruits of our work and…

It just won’t nearly be as much of a thing to feel that nagging feeling of insane lack – because we know the spirits are guiding us forward…

…and we just know that life won’t be so roughly negative – considering that we know what to do and that our paths ahead of us just can’t be anything like the past has been.


Enhance your money situation using the Greek spirits:


Using the qlippoth angels:


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