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Shifting your life into greater success, prosperity and life purpose with the viking gods…

Delivering higher energy and greater amplitude to your wishes –

Can feel very enlightening and fulfilling…but that does not mean that we relinquish the past, and welcome in the present reality.

If only the gods could help us achieve greater and higher things…then maybe we could push and reach – and thereby achieve all that we’ve ever wanted –

Frigg – Guides us to understand and fully embrace our life purpose in such a way that we can be truly and maximally successful in the ways that most matter to us.

When we wish to dive deeper into our evolution on a more consistent basis –

Then we know that our lives and emotional ambitions just need to take a step back…

Because that means that everything just needs to fall away, but in a very orderly and resourceful way. That just points to growing more exerted with our efforts, and more concentrated in how we push ourselves going into the future – and another viking can help here –

Heimdall – Brings us to have stronger persistence, memory and motivation to further our goals and plan our much more ambitious and long term life goals and projects for the future.

Snapping into a new world and…goal oriented reality means that our minds need to be centered and fully straightened –

But that does not directly mean that our lives and internal wants have to be anything different…because it all just has to run into a grinder in order to be a lot stronger – and possibly tougher altogether.

One last spirit can guide your mindset and beliefs to embrace a stronger and more successful life –

Freya – Shifts our thinking and beliefs to completely and totally align with true success, life purpose and happiness for ourselves, and life won’t feel so massively out of place, confusing and weird once we reflect and understand who we are and where we honestly and sincerely want to be.

Betraying our old selves means that we dive deeply into what it means to become whole – and better.

But that doesn’t fully directly mean…that we entertain a more severe and dire reality…

Because that means that our open wishes, and their wants –

Don’t fully align with anything that mean anything deeply saturated…because that might mean that we are completely off track – and that almost just needs a very rough nudge away from all the crap from the past.


Change your life using the Viking Gods:


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