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Understanding and transcending past pain and sorrow through the qlippoth…

Moving on from the horrors and trauma of the past and recent…just whatever you want to call what just happened –

…all of that needs to be embraced and – not remotely forgotten, but used as a teaching tool and pushed into with great momentum going forward.

Everything comes together a lot faster and easier when you have the proper thoughts and spirits – in this case very curiously blunt angels…

Pushing you and bending reality to get you where you need to be –

It doesn’t need much more effort to twist everything into place, and you will soon see that moving on from the past is…

Just as simple and easy as using a couple of very powerful qlippothic angels…

Mivahiah  – Enables you to reflect on the past in a way that you understand and move on from past issues completely; you understand what happened and transcend from those emotions in a way that allows you to completely move on.

Poiel – Enables the target to release all problematic thoughts and emotions regarding a topic such that they don’t think or feel negatively toward it; allows them to move on from that issue completely forever.

The past will forever…not even be an issue –

But moving onward and away from our problems and outward into a new reality – but still a brand new history and past…

And all of that just feels irrelevant at this point, because it cannot be that difficult to understand your problems clearly and evenly –

Yet here we are not sure of what to do…and with a lot of questions still lingering around in general.

Some time in the future you might have other thoughts about what life is truly and seriously…really about – but for now…

We have some very intensely powerful qlippothic spirits helping and guiding us along.


Transcend the past using the qlippoth:


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