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Using success magick to find your breakthrough…

Measuring reality through a series of intensely painful moments –

Does not need to be a thing long term…because it just matters that we get to where we need…

…but wait…and hold on a second – because that almost does not make any sense.

We are attempting and trying to make everything better – but this is going to change everything…

Almost too radically and dynamically for the long run…and it’s literally a thing that some people don’t think they want anything like that –

Because it just matters that our lives and emotions are solidly in gear, and that our lives as a whole…it’s just that nothing can eventually prevent us from feeling success and finally and just – ridiculously knowing who we actually are…

We don’t need much spiritual fire power to get all of this moving together – and a few very select spirits can guide us to a much clearer life –

Sabnock (demon) – Enables to understand your current path in terms of success and money; you will understand if you are on track or not and what to do to align yourself to the next level for you – also removes any success misconceptions you have about yourself so that you can do well into the future, leading to a massive personal breakthrough.

Caerus (Greek spirit) – Leads you to your success breakthrough where you understand how your passions can align with money; you build this into a long term project that grows over time.

We have to just cut to the chase here…and see that money is almost always tied to success in a very different but brutally convenient way –

Likely because seeing success as separate from money is a very odd thing in most cases…long term – and we have to embrace and understand that success without a good money life just doesn’t quite make sense…and that accidentally indirectly became the focus for us…

I would like to say that this is all we need to do for now, but we all still have  a lot of steps to go through –

Because it just makes sense that our money lives depend on a greater picture of success and opulence for us – and it just doesn’t have to be anything weird at all to actually really be success…

…and also possibly have a bit of extra financial cash waiting on the side – just in case anything comes up.

This is our money and personal life breakthrough that will be seen and experienced as success…very differently over time –


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