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Using The Djinn To Attain Any Desire

Djinn Rulers –

Al-nelmud – Rules all desires in general, guiding you to their attainment faster.

Mudhib – Rules money, finances and wealth.

Murrah – Rules the occult and magickal projection, shielding you from all enemies – physical or otherwise.

Al Ahmar – Rules mind expansion for the spiritual and life purpose; guides you to align with your true self.

Barqan – Rules healing, speedy recovery and health in general.

Shamhurish – Rules love and passion, guiding relationships and friendship.

Zoba’ah – Rules the destruction of enemies, and rebounds all of their damage back.

Maimun Abba Nuch – Rules the psychic powers and senses.


Use the Djinn to attain whatever you desire:


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