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Using The Greek Spirit Charon To Align With Your True Life Purpose and Abundance

Charon –

Reveals the current path that you are on so that you can readjust everything to align with your true life purpose and path; guides you to explore and embody that path so that you can prosper in true happiness.

Brings you to embrace abundance as it relates to your life purpose and passions; guides you to understand how to be happiness by making the money money through your passions.

Tangent power…

Grants you insight into creative and unique ways you likely haven’t done before that can create extra income for you. Enables you to see how you can manifest extra cash from easy side business or work you can do in your spare time.

Complimentary spirits:

Iyahel (angel) – massive life breakthrough and realigning to where you should be

Stolas (demon) – allows you to find simple ways to supplement your income, or else just reduce foolish spending in general


Align Your Life Using The Greek Spirits:


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