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Attracting the perfect love match through magick…

Here we go tackling one of the biggest challenges this universe has to offer.

It doesn’t have to be a menacing topic to offer…and we definitely do not need to feel or even be insecure about how any of this works out –

Because it matters that we have a very deep appreciation for what self love – and understanding our lives in terms of love and reciprocated love…

And that means that we all just have to live and learn very personally…and differently.

Though all of this might cause reality and society to accidentally implode – we just need to align things ourselves, and see where the gods take us –
A couple spirits can help here…

Cupid (Greek spirit) – Shifts your mindset and mood so that you are distracted from thinking about your potential partner, then attracts them into your life unexpectedly so that everything just comes together.

Gaap (demon) – Attracts your ideal love match in a very unexpected way so that you are not dwelling on being single or not having a partner; causes you to be focused on the things that matter most in your life so that your love match can enter in an unexpected way.

Flipping your love life into something that you feel calm and assured about..

…is technology not remotely a thing for most people on this loving – though very rough at times – planet.

Nothing has to be bad – and everything can be technically a lot worse…
Which is why we have to appreciate how life is in general, and embrace the laws of spirit based attraction…allowing the spirits to guide together our love lives –

And it matters that we become calm, relaxed…and altogether almost passive about all of this…

Because the next level is just this reality – today…right now.

Which the spirits can help make a lot better –

Just a long as your personal understanding of your own life, and intuitive self love is well grounded…

Cupid and gaap can help immensely here, but it’s definitely up to us to take that first spirit based step of reaching out for help.


Attract your love match using the Greek spirits:


Using the demons:


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