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Boosting your emotional resilience while bringing in more abundance through magick…

Nothing is worse than knowing that you are in the middle of pure chaos –

…but also understanding that your emotional threshold is insanely low and just…

You just cannot take what’s going on, and that’s a very mighty problem.

Something has to break, and we hope it’s not us emotionally – and we definitely hope it’s not our minds long term –

Because that cannot easily happen without tremendous effort, and all of this is going into a vastly different direction long term…

With the qlippoth and a few other spirits guiding us along – we might actually make it out better than how we started –

Raahel (qlippoth angel) – Guides you to understand what it takes to bring yourself to the next level in whatever your career or vocation is so that you can take all the needed steps to reach that new level; causes you to understand what it takes to handle that position.

Ophiel (Olympic spirit) – Enables you to fully understand what it takes to handle a career or work position that requires greater effort, responsibility and emotional strength; you just know what it takes and develop yourself so that you can handle it.

Developing your mind to the point of execution is nothing small –

Though we should consider how our worlds and how our connection to our own emotions and thoughts can help bring us…

To the next level and beyond – because that’s what we would like to use our new emotional resilient on –

And one last spirit – a demon…can help us here…

Dantalion (demon) – Guides you to see and understand exactly what you need to do to get to the next level in work and career life; you are guided to build yourself up so that you can reach the next stage, preparing yourself emotionally and mentally for what’s coming ahead.

It all gets better after a lot of energetic changes and work, and though our minds and lives will be changing for the better after only a few short and powerful months and moments…

We know that our brains and lives as a whole can change drastically for the better as long as greater and more sustained developments can take us to that next level – which all of us obviously want and desire to strive for.

But it’s not only about the emotional power and personal volition to get better, and it won’t be a nothing thing later on when our lives and professional selves click into a differently higher…though better –

And for now we just have to have the spirits guide us going into whatever wondrous new things await us on this very long and rugged journey into uncharted goals and waters.


Bring in more abundance using the angels:


The Olympic spirits:


Using the demons:


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