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Destroying social anxiety with magick…

This is going to ease your emotions –

…but also possibly jar you into slight shock – because the gods and spirits can help with social anxiety in a very direct but impossible way.

Because we have to reach out our minds and hands to the heavens and gods of this land…

Without too much more angst anxiety and mental and emotional kickback –
We just have to plow onwards and hope…but honestly just push into better emotions regardless of external circumstances…

Phaleg (Olympic spirit) – Reduces and removes social anxiety and anxiety in general; causes you to feel at ease in public or any other situation that could induce heighted emotions.

Hastur (the Old Ones) – Removes anxiety in all forms as you go about in public; causes you to feel calm and at peace while around others or in wide open spaces where you would normally panic.

Asmoday (demon) – Dissolves social anxiety in a way that enables you to feel and see how to manually remove it in the future if that ever becomes an issue; teaches you how to deal with it in minor situations.

Moving on from anxiety in all forms requires that our minds and brains just somehow work without internal tension messing everything up.

Once you have that balanced calmness to help you out in most circumstances –

Everything might move and shift around better…

Because life gets a lot easier, and that is especially true when you have more spirits guiding your emotions into a better place –

Ronove (demon) – Enables you to self-reflect and understand if you truly have anxiety in any form; social, situational or whatever.

This is about a powerful and massive shift in our awareness and personal lives.

We already know that our perceptions and lives are getting better –

But this is about very seriously real change that has to happen earlier rather than later…

And things will get better, but our minds and emotions – and brains, and bodies as a whole need to be impossibly just…tuned into a greater energy level and higher frequency.

Because our lives feel a lot better when we’re calm, focused – and have the spirits there to change our those negative feelings and emotions for something vastly better.


Dissolve your anxiety with the Olympic spirits:


Using the Old Ones:


Using the demons:


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