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How to get the right career with the Old Ones and Greek spirits…

Gaining the right perspective so that life and everything else just somehow slips together –

Sometimes takes a bit of spirit and magical power to put together – and that isn’t a difficult thing to do overall and…

Others might play around with small ideas and questions that have little to do with actual reality, but this is all going to slice together in a very differently abrupt and exciting way.

Because our lands and minds will just assimilate the changes that happen over time, and nothing else will be the same –

With some very crafty and curiously powerful spirits guiding us along – this will all shift into a very differently powerful reality altogether…

Shub-Niggurath (the Old Ones) – enables you to find the proper career that most aligns with your passions; this will be something you progress within for many years, if not decades to better yourself and the company.

Kratos (Greek spirit) – Gives you understanding of your ideal career so that you can pursue it; guides you to the proper resources that can get you a job in that industry that turns into a long term career.

The spirits of this world want us to succeed – and when we have the right and proper work lined up…

It just makes sense that our joints and mental muscles just feel good and flexed –

Because our money might be plentiful, and our moods very balanced and happy…

But that needs to be adjusted and amplified a bit differently, and personal happiness comes from understanding, and that’s what our final demon can give – slightly differently –

Naberius (demon) – Gives you understanding of your wants and needs so that your passions are more obvious to you; aids with leading you toward something that feels like you are fulfilling your life purpose – can apply to finding a job, a hobby, a career, spiritual path etc.

Once the mental and mind pieces are put into place –

And your energy is sky high, but your mind map of how everything falls together…

Along with the harmful pleasures of being content and finally where you need and desire to be –

It all falls together very beautifully, but it still must be embraced and understood that our lives have to shift insanely for the better…and hopefully that happens with lots of spirit guidance.


Find the right career using the Old Ones:


Using Greek spirits:


Using demons:


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