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Invisibility sorcery is a very simple…

…form of magick that can be done using the djinn, demons or even angels, and Greek god forms. I have an upcoming book covering this topic for the demons, but the djinn and Greek god forms are quite capable of doing this same task. The demons might be extremely popular in general, but I just wanted to show that the djinn and other forms of magick can be used for invisibility, and making yourself unknowable, and even undetectable by others around you, and even in your world and life in general.

Here are several god forms to use for invisibility…

Mahid (djinn)…can be used to make yourself invisible to the enemy, or others you need to be secretive from. This enables you to be forgotten, and out of sight and discussion of those around you, which can be a very impossibly powerful power to keep you and your whole life, secret from those…who you might not want to know about your presence.

Achilles (greek spirit)…can be used to higher levels of stealth where those close by cannot remotely detect your ideas or feelings or thoughts…which can be felt as being fully invisible to your environment and those people close by to you, at all times.

Bohar (djinn)…causes you to be out of physical sight and mind of those, close to you or for special situations or projects where others might normally deeply notice or understand your presence. This brings you to be nearly stealth and beyond, sight and normal even hearing of those close to you, or even working with you and around you…where others cannot speak to you or against you.

Deeper forms of invisibility are dealt with, in my book but these are similar djinn and Greek god forms who can just as readily guide, and help you with stealth and invisibility as I have mastered this form of sorcery, for my businesses and my own personal life.

A greater idea here…are the limitless options and possibilities you have here. There is also a demon included in my book, which can help keep secrets and greater stealth for yourself so that you can go about your regular life, without the…ails and damages from opponents and enemies trying, to get you into their scope and line of fire, which is a very big situation for you to, deal with and possibly avoid at all costs.

Deep forms of stealth and invisibility are definitely covered in my upcoming book, but I just wanted others to understand why this subject, and general theme of invisibility might be useful, and possibly why…anyone might care to make themselves, more hidden or secretive – or even more stealth in their lives, in general.

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