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Magick Books & Courses

Magickal Wealth & Law of Attraction Course

Let’s create…the impossible, and just say – that life can get much – much better, but only as long as you push your focus and efforts into…deep lasting alignment with the right things in this world. This is about creating the ideal life – and world, and this can start…with some very intensely serious guidance…from some of this worlds craziest and most alluring spirits – that most people have never even heard of! Law of attraction and prosperity…and also wealth magick is covered very deeply here – this is an advanced magick course.

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Demon Magick Course

This universe has a lot of different spirits and…the demons happened to be a very powerful paradigm that solomon the king, and even count dracula – once upon a time – used and worked with, very intimately to create their empires and kingdoms. This is no small amount of magick – sorcery, and you will be diving into demon magick on an advanced level when you buy and dive into this material. Life changing magick awaits – but only if you dare to live a stronger, and more resilient present – and future reality.

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Magickal Sorcery – The Course

Within this course – lies access to paradigms, spirits – and power, that most of society, and this world has only ever…really thought of, in terms of legend and mythology. You have your chance here, to access – the Greeks, Sumerians, Egyptians – and Vikings, very directly and in a very guided way that will bring you above the clouds, within your own personal understanding of sorcery – magick, and how to shift life…almost just with a bit of ritual magick, and some well thought out intention. Life has never been simpler, and more easy – to shape, and craft to our satisfaction, and with magickal sorcery – this is very easily attained.

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Magickal Protection & Baneful Magick Course

Magickal attacks…do happen, and thankfully – a course like this one…exists to help us get over, and uncover – why exactly black magick gets thrown around – and what we can do to set up protection, and help remove these very aggressive attackers from causing us – and possibly others…further attacks. This is about protection, and hardcore baneful magick – that can easily cause destruction…depending on your situation, and what your targets circumstances are.

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Spiritual Evolution Magick Course

Growing – shifting – and evolving, your soul experience, is a very deep idea…and that means that – very powerful spirits, can guide you into deeper meditation, that lasts into a very seriously…impossible, series of life breakthroughs – and immensely leviathan…discoveries, that breaks your mind – into pieces…and guides your soul into very happy, though also cherished…territory of – very happy spiritual incredible awakening – and happiness…but also, illuminating discovery. This is an advanced magick course – that is designed to bring…even those just learning magick – to a much higher level – spiritually, and with magick.

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Creative Success Magick Course

No one wants to live…a daft, and slow – but also, uncreative – and too similar for mention…kind of life that is completely devoid of reasoning – where our results are a bit default, and shallow – and we still need to push forward, into the worst…and best of whatever this life is pointing us towards. This is an advanced magick course, aimed at getting life to sparkle – and pop, and explode with majesty, yet again. And this can happen, without a lot of mental, and emotional issues – tearing up the whole damned journey (we kind of…cover this, differently -) but the course is about creative success, and is very…quietly hidden, and discreetly – not common, for a reason.

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Influence Magick Course

This is some powerful stuff – and I have mastered the art – and mentality of influence…over these past many years – and there is a right, and wrong way to do influence. We have to have the spirits guide this process into place…because if it falls apart – then the whole situation, and our lives might feel weird, and the gods – and spirits, might not react well to us over time. This is a seriously designed course – made for those who want to understand, shift – change, and create…far better life situations, and lives as a whole – through very powerful, and in many cases…extremely effective – influence magick.

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Angelic Magick – Pathworking Course

Dive into – very hardcore, angelic magick – as guided by…the angels themselves – because they know how to make life different…and better! and we just have to do the rituals – and follow along, for very extreme supreme…long term, angelic energetic illumination and enlightenment – to enter in, and make things…drastically different and crazy better…over the course of several…high impact energy blast sessions. All of which – guides the spirit, and the soul – to a much better level, and place…over time. This is an advanced magick course, teaching – even those without any experience with magick…how to connect with very powerful angelic energy – and to dive in, with full…and exceptional life dynamic changes – happening…all along this very curious pathworking course.

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Business Magick – Pathworking Course

Life – changing, business magick is here…and it is meant to craft, and organize your life…into far different elements and things just – have to become far more…resilient, and stronger…over time, with nothing else…fully making sense, long term. Because business success, fortune – and making it as a business person…just might require some very specific magick – over time, and this very immense course will show you – the way toward…achievement, and business freedom.

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Mind Expansion & Life Breakthrough Magick Course

This is some powerful stuff – and I have mastered the art – and mentality of influence…over these past many years – and there is a right, and wrong way to do influence. We have to have the spirits guide this process into place…because if it falls apart – then the whole situation, and our lives might feel weird, and the gods – and spirits, might not react well to us over time. This is a seriously designed course – made for those who want to understand, shift – change, and create…far better life situations, and lives as a whole – through very powerful, and in many cases…extremely effective – influence magick.

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Divination Magick – Pathworking Course

Bring your future – sight abilities, to a whole new level…with this magick course – dedicated to hardcore magick, with the angels – demons and other spirits…guiding your divination and future sight…abilities to a higher level. This is a very focused course, and your intuition – and personal energy will be elevated to the necessary levels…to bring in the proper visions and – life changing insight that will change your entire world.

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Djinn Magick – Pathworking Course

The djinn are very curious – and powerful spirits, that few know how to work with. This course guides you to work with these spirits, very deeply – and in way that can be instantly transformative…for your life, as a whole – and your mind, and well being – in general. This is an intermediate magick course, that covers the djinn for purely practical – ritual workings, only. All those who which to work with the djinn are open to this course – which makes djinn evocation very simple, and easy.

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Metatron – Magick Pathworking Course

Bring – your whole being…to the next level, of astronomical growth – and evolution…as your mind, brain – and life…accelerate…through a majestic energy journey…to bring your life into brand new – and incredibly fresh new territory. This mind expansion course, through magick – will bring your entire full being…into a very sorcery based, enlightenment…and you will never be the same – after this very crazy energy – hits your life!

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Viking Magick – Pathworking Course

The Viking spirits do not mess around, when it comes to very deep – and mentally managed long term ascent. And we have to understand them…through pure ritual knowledge and powerful – ideas of, very deep…physical and mental detox of everything that is needed…immediately, and for our long term futures. This is also about trust and respect – and understanding yourself, for very powerful Viking based – ascent and evolution. This is an advanced – and beginner…though also intermediate magick and sorcery course – intended to take even novice pratitioners…to very deeply advanced levels of magick based ascent.

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Qliphoth Magick – Ascent Pathworking Course (coming soon)

This is very rough – and sometimes…brutal stuff. Nothing about the dark site of the angels…demons, or other spirits – is very simple, or easy to work with. But put together in a very systematic way – and with very good intentions fueling our ascent…then somehow, everything – becomes very solidly…challenged and push toward the limits – almost…at all times. Qlippoth magick covers a lot of very intense – and partially grisly territory, so please ensure you want some serious life change – prior to expanding yourself…within something like – Qlippothic pathworking.

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Demon Magick

Making our lives…and love worlds better, might be better tuned and adjusted – if we had certain spirits working with us. This might point to, very oddly crafted…ideas and minds that – might accidentally resonate with who we truly are…and all of that gets pushed together when…we see and realize, that it just takes a bit of magick to push love into a reality. And the demons can help us here.


Demons of Love

Making our lives…and love worlds better, might be better tuned and adjusted – if we had certain spirits working with us. This might point to, very oddly crafted…ideas and minds that – might accidentally resonate with who we truly are…and all of that gets pushed together when…we see and realize, that it just takes a bit of magick to push love into a reality. And the demons can help us here.


Magickal Law Of Attraction

Design and build – the most ideal, and impossibly…perfect life, with the aid of several very uniquely powerful spirits, who know how to help all humans – craft, create – and construct, the lives of their dreams. This is the law of attraction on steroids, and if you know what real sorcery and magick is…then you will be enthralled by what is possible with spirit based magick, directly – and very energetically, building the best and possible lives without…compromise or reservation.


Illumination Magick

This is not about what most people think – and that is because, not so many people have the wide – range, and capacity to think for themselves anymore. Everyone wants to know what life purpose means – and to know truth…is just a very oddly nothing idea, and topic at this point. Here – the angels, and demons…will guide you into your own personal illumination, through a series of very eye opening – and possibly intense…rituals.


Djinn Magick

We live in a world – full of very powerful spirits, that others have connected with – and used to create and…sustain, stronger lies. The djinn are very misunderstood, and powerful spirits – that can help you and others, craft and shift…into a better world – and life.


Egyptian Sorcery

If you allow yourself, to get swept up – in the harsh tides, and current of the Egyptian energy flow – you might find that life has somehow shifted gears, and that everything is just majestically, far more magnified than you could have possibly…ever, imagined. The Egyptian magick energy – field, and current is powerful enough to help and – guide you to properly flourish, in this life.


Demonic Love & Sex Magick

Making our love lives stronger – through very deep and active sorcery is very simple and convenient when you have very reliable spirits to guide us into a better love, and sex life. This is not directly – about making either love or sex…in particular better, but about making our love and romantic and…sex worlds, and lives – much stronger and personally better, through very dynamic and thorough energetic shifts that have to happen, because it is our choice to embrace deeper – love and romantic lives, through very focused and precise – demon sorcery.


The Old Ones Sorcery

Managing your life with – very practiced and, normal sorcery – takes a bit of mental power, and free will to help everything slide into place. But this whole journey gets very oddly amplified and mystical when you consider – that life has to get a lot stronger before it becomes…anything that can take serious challenges, and we all want to become more resilient and powerful people in our own ways. This creates a better foot hold for us, going into the near – and far futures, and things just has to be understood in terms of…very unique spirits helping us to create a more dominant and stable, but also perpetually solid – reality and future.


Angelic Prosperity Sorcery

Removing the blocks and things that openly hold us back – from drastically stronger and better finances, and a generally stronger money life…just has to be part of our focus. Angels are very precise and focused with prosperity and money sorcery, and magick – and we just have to reach out to certain ones that can bring us to much higher internal and general – physical life abundance that continuously brings us greater money flow and far fewer abundance and money related problems over time. The angels can deeply, and comprehensively help – with this idea of long term prosperity and abundance.


Success And Luck Magick

Making sure our lives – are singing with success, serendipity – and luck, just means that we have to concentrate and ensure things…just work out, long term. With nothing else holding us back from reaching and achieving very deep levels, of very titanic levels of personal achievement, and bringing our luck and fortune – to very satisfying levels of personal happiness, and fulfillment. Everything about this process of creating success and – almost life changing luck, will bring us all…to a very strong, and better place – as long as we have the spirits and magick guiding us along…the whole way.


Angel Magick

Feel into the – very familiar power, of these very known – but mystical spirits that would like to help…you and many others – bring their energy frequencies into much higher levels of supreme operation. This is about making life better through angelic influence, and to help guide everything into place – through very obvious and very straight forward…energetic rituals that make everything better.


Angelic Love Magick

Love can be a tough life subject to tackle…and without magick – the process might seem impossible. But it has been a hidden idea…for many centuries, that the angels and other beings – can be directly called to help us with our love lives, and other life subjects…for very powerful life results. The angels in this volume can help with compassionate, soulmate finding – and generally aid you with general relationships, and building up your romantic life.


Greek Baneful Magick

The Greeks have long been known – through legend and historical folklore – for being very curiously creative, and interesting beings…and god forms, to work with. Using these spirits for any type of sorcery – and baneful magick in particular has never been out of the question, but it can be fiercely crazy interesting – to deal with your enemies with an incredible paradigm of spirits – just like the Greek god forms, and spirits. This is not the lightest magick, because you get to dive into – very real and direct, spirit contact – very deeply. But this is also not a book, nor cursing volume – for the faint of heart. Real Greek baneful – and cursing magick is not supposed to be used for trivial situations, but I will allow the gods and spirits – to bring you in…if that is truly in your path to pursue.


Qliphoth Wealth Sorcery

Experiencing a very vast, and incredibly deep – and catastrophically powerful…personal ascent with your prosperity and wealth, but with a greater concentration on your wealth, and making life atomically stronger – and better is a very incredible idea, and things can only get…crazy deep and impossibly stronger, but only if we are able to withstand the angelic qliphoth and bear the burden or crazy intense – energy surging through our lives, in very extremely powerful amounts. Working with the qliphothic current, and the negative aspect of the angels is nothing light – but can be a massively rewarding process…if you choose to take the path of very illuminated darkness, that burns into the light. Keep in mind that this is definitely about wealth, but also mildly – about personal money related ascension, and evolution – as well.


Qliphothic Angelic Baneful Sorcery

Examine the baneful powers and process of absolute sorcery – and extreme qliphothic power as we dig into the other side of the angels and how incredibly annihilated this whole series and sequence of events can be, when people who think they have gotten away with evil mischief – realize how bad it can get, when they cross into the qliphothic current, of life correction through extreme curse magick. Nothing about this current, and magick – is light but the results are extremely heavy and deep, and that is all that matters as we correct very severe life catastrophic…enemies who will not longer be very well, and good – in this life after they experience some angelic qliphothic power.


Entrepreneurship Sorcery

Making a living from your very own – handmade business, and sorcery guided – business, and enterprise…is a very unique idea and thing. We each need to embrace the power of sorcery far deeper, and if we choose to get into business – and start our own way of…creating an income, where we are the employer, and no longer – the employee any longer, than this whole process has to be constructed more precisely and accurately, and magick can help us. The demons, Greeks, and Vikings – are the primary paradigms and spirits, that will be helping us – in this volume.


Demonic Career Sorcery

This is very simple, but also – very straight forward demon rituals and sorcery for making sure our money related…career lives, are all well – and positively good…going into the coming years. Having a job is simple – but using magick to ensure that it is good, and stable for the years to come – is a very needed and dynamic idea, that we all might need to dip into. Demon magick for work, and career related stuff – just aims our efforts at ensuring our work, and career – and job related…lives to ensuring that we are happy and fulfilled and satisfied – for long term work and career related uses. And the demons can easily help us with all of this.


Greek Money Sorcery

When it comes to very – vividly unique, life changing sorcery…the Greek god forms and spirits are not so common or popular to evoke, and summon – for very impacting, and powerful – sorcery rituals that bring our entire existence to a much higher level. This is about making this life – as plentiful and dynamic as possible and for guiding life into a far grander, and richer pasture that very few people in this universe, and world – have ever felt or embraced. This is also about very incredible – life intensive, evolution through magick – and guiding our financial lives to be better, stronger – and overall, just magically more abundant, and prosperous through the Greek paradigm of sorcery, and god form – spirits.


Qliphothic Success & Luck Sorcery

This work is about extreme energetic ritual magick that uses very rare and unique beings to push very dense and heavy levels of luck and success into your life. We have to understand and consider that the study and use of the qliphoth is somewhat rare, but a very intense and – disciplined approach to magick and sorcery, and must be treated with great mental control and respect for your own life. The beings we access here want people who wish for a better life and are willing to energetically raise their entire selves out of the past and their old energies, in order to achieve that. This is very different sorcery and is made very practical and workable for those who want a very empowered, and positively successful and luck filled – existence and life.


Enochian Angelic Sorcery

Find out why these hard to find and reach angels have been so elusive and powerful for the ritual occult world. This is a very straight forward and simplified ritual method that is very different, but also extremely simple and effective. You will not find a more direct, and straight to the point, ritual sorcery volume of these hard to summon and contact angels, that have been rare and exclusive for many eons.


Invincible Sorcery

Open your whole entity to higher chi, and deeply life altering beyond – reality achieving energies that will literally penetrate beyond this physical world, and forever enable you to think at higher levels so that your life, and sorcery rituals beyond stronger – and your life as a whole becomes better. This is a ritual magick, and sorcery actual practice volume, and guide book – so please be ready to work with demon, Greek, Egyptian, and djinn sorcery here to deeply elevate and expand, your life invincible success mind – life energies, fully.


Invisibility Sorcery

Dive deeply into the ritual sorcery that – helps us escape our daily enemies, and to openly defy the open awareness of those around us. If you do not want deep life invisibility then maybe a bit of focused stealth might be some use to you. This is nothing that you might imagine, and the god forms and spirits of several sorcery paradigms will guide, and help you through this volume of sorcery. The god forms covered here are the demons, Greeks, Egyptians and djinn – for hands on ritual magick, and sorcery.


Qliphothic Baneful Sorcery

This is a deeper qliphothic book than most might imagine. It is not small or light in its magick outreach, and it is the result of many years of occult practice and study. No other magick volume exists similar to this one here, because it uses over 5 separate paradigms of magick, to halt and completely deal with all baneful and cursing sorcery forms, and types. All forms of cursing and higher types of baneful magick are dealt with here, and there is a slight edge of creative space to make even the largest, and lethalist of enemies pay in dear might. Please be aware that this is a mighty, and heavy duty cursing volumes. All readers are encouraged to ask me questions directly, if any ideas or concerns might occur to you. This is my most lethal cursing book, to date.


Metatron Magick

This volume brings you directly – in front of arch angel peter, who is metatraon himself, and guides you to harness that intensely impossible energy – of his attraction forces…to bring you basically anything you ever wanted. But this is also about knowing that certain arch angels…are nothing like what society, and the rest of the occult, and spiritual communities think. This is about – exceptionally deeply powerful – magical results, and sorcery…that guides our souls to the heart of reality, to get – honestly – almost anything we desire, need and want. Metatron is a very approachable figure in our history that gets deeply explored, in a very uniquely – significant way, here.


Sorcery For Writers

This is all about – becoming a better writer, and to help boost your writing craft…no matter if you have a writing book career you need to amplify, or just a general desire to enhance your written craft, and to yield greater precision within your writing life. The skills of writing can be enhanced and amplified – using magick and here you will see that…ritual sorcery through the use of certain spirits, and god forms – can easily elevate and amplify, your personal written craft.


Magick Power

When you finally want to push more power and energetic – strength into your sorcery, to make your rituals that much better…then possibly – this is just the next option to take. This is not about anything small, but about – gathering your mind and mental forces – for very deep and internal changes that bring your personal and mind…energies, into deep focus so that you can craft and push more force into your rituals. Clearly, it would be best if you were a sorcerer or a magician – to make this volume work best for you – but this is a very unique and rare way, to understand how to amplify your personal power – so that you can easily shift and add, more energetic force into your magick rituals.


Sumerian Magick

There are quite a few magick disciplines out there, but the Sumerian paradigm and magical current – is one that is in need of exploration and…just deserves to be explored more. The spirits of this paradigm are quite unique, but with the proper ritual guidance – you will be able to access very direct powers of spirits, that will transform your entire existence.


Demonic Influence Sorcery

When we just want life, and this world – to shift and bend, it makes sense that everything must be connected…and shifted together to make our lives, that much more empowered and energized through very specific and powerful – influence sorcery that gets our souls moving, and the lives of everyone around us…just acting a bit better. Because we already know that magick works, and that – if we truly and seriously want deep sorcery to work within our lives…that everything just has to stretch and bend together, and with demon influence magick – and sorcery working within our lives…everything just has to shift and become better, because these spirits are very dynamic with their energetic changes, and we all just have to understand that influence is very real – when you work with real magick.


Lwa Magick

If you have certain life problems, and thoughts that you either want expanded – or deeply clarified and made into better situations..then the Lwa spirits might be a good option for you. This is not a complex sorcery – and magick book, but if you want solid life enhancing and, very different magick – in your world, then these spirits might be perfect for you. Nothing prevents these particular spirits, which might not be remotely – almost known at all…from being used in ritual magick, to the extent that our realities change enormously – for the better.


Sumerian Money & Prosperity Sorcery

Bringing yourself into the proper mental zone, and focus – to align yourself with powerful financial change…might be as simple and easy as digging into the Sumerian current of god forms, and spirits – and allowing them to bring your finances to a drastically higher and more breakthrough level of, money – and general financial awareness. This is about making our money and financial lives, very extremely – better, and wiser…and smarter through far better decision making and embracing abundance through very deeply huge changes to our money, and prosperity lives – that will forever stick to us, as long as we keep the sorcery and energetic shifts…active in our lives from these Sumerian spirits.


Angelic Job Sorcery

Guiding yourself into the ideal – job and possibly…even a career is a very different idea for most people. It implies very deeply – that we are in need of…almost guidance and help with our career and job choices, and that we just need to bring all elements together – to make our lives and worlds, that much of a stronger place…in general. Making sure that your work place suits you – in an enormous idea, and we just – all have to be thankful of, how all the elements of life – accidentally, slide together to form a far…more beautiful picture, when we are all – consciously synchronized for long term work, career – and job fulfillment and satisfaction.


Angelic Emotional Sorcery

When your mind and mental world does not fully function correctly due to very deep and incredible…emotional hang ups that literally leave us all, in a very bad state of being. This can be remedied and – resolved using the right angels, and this is a very different volume of sorcery rituals, and magick – that can bring your mind back into the right position, and dial back in…your mental state so that everything just functions properly, for short periods – and long term mental and emotional developments…this sorcery can be very extremely useful if you want to resolve and heal – deep emotional duress and turmoil.


Mind Expansion Magick

Growing and training your mind, and brain – to respond better in terms of stronger mental and memory responsiveness, and overall life clarity…requires that we seek some aid in order to make our brains much faster and more resilient. This is about using the god forms, and spirits of this reality – to help shift and balance our minds…while expanding everything in the process, to create a much stronger and deeper, mental and – mind related connection to better mental functioning, and greater mind expansion altogether. The spirits can help us achieve this, and go beyond – anything that we have ever thought, and experienced – before.


Greek Life Awakening Magick

This can be – a very thrilling and optional…way to see life. If you want to wake up, then the Greek spirits – and god forms, can help you. If you want to stay where you are, then maybe…that’s not possible – and you just need to wake up anyway. This is going to be rough, and hard – but only for those who resist everything, as they reach into the heavens, and realize – how crazy not reasonable it is to stay asleep, and sane – in this world that demands, the best out of everyone…who wishes to do well, long term. Greek magick, and sorcery – is nothing to take lightly, but will elevate and pull the best of yourself…out of you, for this life – in very sequential steps, that might be the best thing…you have ever felt, or experienced – potentially, in this life.


Magickal Job Sorcery

Manifest – and create the most ideal career and job through very unique, and targeted rituals that bring you closer to your perfectly crafted – and consciously created job, and work. This is about making life better through very powerful and mentally – created career and work choices that become a living reality through the spirits, and in this case…several magick paradigms that pack some serious power for creating very deep and significant life results. This is about working the way that you wish – and making life, and your work world – perfectly fine and idea, through conscious sorcery – and the many spirits in this book.


Qliphoth Ascension Sorcery

When life gets buried – by very intense past energy, and almost…just a mountain of deep desire…to make everything that much – deeper, and more intense…then it gets to be very incredible and explosive that our worlds, and the lives – of too many others, just do not feel like they are not moving properly. Then it becomes a massive obvious question of what to do – when the world almost feels as if it is dying, and we just need – to remove ourselves from life completely, in order to move forward, into the…positive cataclysm that emerges from past – errors and, conscious mistakes…that we need to correct and accommodate for, and our lives – just cannot be the same ever again, because it is now time to change – entirely, for the better. Qliphoth based ascent – and positive movements within our mental, and physical…ascension paths, just means that we have to be very deeply – conscious of what it means to be a positively moving and forward acting – human in this reality, and energetic world – that rewards positive massive efforts, and energetic strength to make it wonderfully good – within our own life paths. And the qliphoth angels, can bring us into a very fiery transition – into the new world – of our new, and true…living reality.


Qliphothic Angelic Sorcery

If you have ever wondered what the true – extreme side of the occult was…then I implore you to use caution with the qliphothic current. These are spirits and angelic beings, that are not normal – and will destroy when necessary, but their natural force can be harnessed and pushed into reality – in very horrifying, but also positive ways, and it is up to us to figure out how to best use this magical force in our lives. There is no morality here, so the idea is pretty much just open ended. If you want to work with hardcore, and extreme sorcery – where the spirits and…in this case, the angelic beings – and not common, but very impossibly dark and hefty with their energy…and I just recommend, possibly working with other magick first if you feel a bit of trepidation and fear, if this volume makes you at all uncomfortable.


Qliphoth Prosperity Sorcery

Access very deep sorcery, and magick – and amplify your prosperity and money world using the raw energy of the angelic Qliphoth magick current. The qlippothic aspect of the angels is very difficult to understand and in some cases…just very impossible to work with, but with the correct – and right approach this is a very interesting and beyond powerful magick system and spirit paradigm to work with to elevate all of our money, prosperity – and abundance lives very deeply. And these changes force a very extreme life change, and guides each of us – to understanding ourselves a bit greater, and grander – through empowered finances and qliphoth enhanced, prosperity.


Djinn Money Sorcery

Guiding life to be a lot more prosperous and – openly financially abundant is a good, and positively strong idea – in general, but it gets even better when we have spirits like the djinn, guiding us and helping us achieve our money related goals. This might be a very obvious and possibly common topic for spirituality, and the occult – but using the djinn is slightly different, and we just have to embrace very unique finances and powerful life and – money related change, as we elevate our money lives, and finances to very deeply…higher levels over time. Because the djinn can help us reach financial prosperity – and the rituals in this volume will guide you to much greater money related intelligence, and far stronger abundance.


Angelic Sorcery

This might go above, and well – into a place that some would think…is likely unreasonable and impossible. Here we have far too many angels to directly think about, featured in a very powerful volume – and book, which brings you into very direct angelic access – to names, and powers that are otherwise…completely hidden from spirituality, the occult – and the whole sphere of angelic study in general. These are not common angels, and their names might feel a little…new and different, but please be aware that they are very powerful, and that general angelic sorcery is just as powerful as any other paradigm that – any other occultists and…magicians might be into examining and using, very directly. This is still very deep angelic – magick, and the rituals are very…directly, empowering.


Otherworldly Magick

This is not regular book of sorcery, and magick rituals – because we all suspect that this reality holds far more…curious things and experiences than meets the physical eye, and this also means…that our lives and grander experiences in general, just need to align with higher realities. And we can access those higher dimensions and realities – by focusing very precisely, and by having very particular spirits – guide us into this very different mental and life – frequency of accessing the higher planes of existence. And this can easily happen…as long as we are tuned very accurately, and precisely to the higher levels of this reality – and the angels can help us achieve that.


Viking Abundance Sorcery

Bringing our life focus – into attracting and creating far stronger financial situations is about understanding ourselves, and where we need to go. Then amplifying all the good and positive ideas, and elements to the point that everything just surges and enlarges and becomes a manifested reality. Viking abundance magick – and sorcery is about an incredible idea and sequence of life altering and changing…Viking rituals that will elevate your energy and mind, and bring your whole being – into much higher personal money related achievement and life success. Because with greater Viking induced prosperity and abundance, things just get – massively magnified and made better, and the Viking god forms and spirits, can help us reach and achieve our abundance and prosperity – goals, and beyond.


Attain Any Desire Sorcery

If only other sorcerers and magick books, had just that one size fits all – solution to almost everything we could ever desire and want. This is not a regular magick book, and things just fall – deeply and surely into place, as everything slides – and locks accurately into our lives, and we just reach a far richer and deeper place of magnanimous spiritual, and physical enrichment from very intense life developments, and everything else – might just need a tiny bit of very intense magick, and sorcery to help it all – shift back into place. This is about using a select number of spirits who can bring us a very wide variety of things – and the only tangible limit of what they can do, is what we can come up with, for our requests to them.


Influence Magick

Developing deep energy skill – to be able to influence, and shift – life, and certain situations to very deep satisfaction…takes a bit of practice and very different focus. You have to have the spirits amplify you in the right ways and force…your mind to operate in a very different way, where your energy is able to bend and shift – reality, in a very powerful and willful way. This is magick, and sorcery – taken to a very different level, and it is very effective…so as long as you are willing to focus adequately to put in the proper effort, influence magick should work well – in your favor.


Empowerment Magick

Dial into a new…energetic world, of internal power – and massive life clarity. These demons want to help you think clearer – and feel like a stronger human…but we just have to dig into these very simple rituals…to truly feel, our personal power soar higher.


Demonic Riches

Several demons can be directly used to help you evoke and summon extra cash and money into your life, and this book helps you shift your thinking and – energy to help you attract and receive more money and cash into your life through very curiously powerful spell work and rituals that help to elevate your money situation and life.


Demonic Baneful Magick

Bring justice – and very intense balance, back to very bad and twisted people. This is about restoring order using the demons, in a very straight forward – and catastrophic way, that brings us all into firm alignment with who we are – immediately, and through the course of this volume – you will feel and understand why these spirits are used for positive life enhancements, and complete destruction of our enemies. Because sometimes we just have to embrace the idea that bad people cannot get away with severely ridiculous acts, and sabotage – is just not going to be tolerated, and the demons can help us rectify all of this…without any problems.


Demonic Prosperity Sorcery

Bringing higher prosperity and abundance into our lives – means that we adjust and change our actions, and have the demons and possibly other spirits, guide us to create much stronger – and livlier results in our lives, through very directly – incredible life shifts. Demon guided prosperity – is very deep and guides us into very thorough and drastic life shifts that will forever change the way we see money – abundance, and how we think and act toward – and within our money lives in general.


Viking Magick

The viking current is a very deeply involved, but incredibly simple – magick paradigm to work with directly, and these spirits are…very intriguing to explore and – possibly work with. If you have ever been directly curious about who the viking spirits might be, in terms of how they can change your life using practical and real magick – then this volume might be for you.


Olympic God Sorcery

These might not be widely known spirits in the occult, but you can be assured – that they are useful and that their individual powers far outweigh any questions about their general usefulness. These god forms and spirits, are very readily – available for very direct ritual work…as long as you know how to connect, and understand how they work. This is not about trying confusing or complicated methods, and you will see – very clearly how this entire process of working with these very little known spirits, is a very obvious and powerful way to bring your situation and life as a whole – into more strengthened and successful territory, as a whole.


Focus & Productivity Sorcery

Bringing your mind into greater energetic concentration and focus – should not be a difficult task. Embracing greater mental function, brain power – and general life working productivity should not be a difficult – or energy demanding idea and task to the point that – we become run down and very unfocused…with almost no drive to get things done in this world and life. Focus and productivity sorcery is here, in a very curiously – deep and powerful way, and nothing is keeping any of us back from deeply concentrating on what we need to get done the most.


Baphomet Sorcery

Nothing gets better than knowing how – very mystical images and beings, work – and this goes into the heart of who…the curious figure of baphomet, might be. Because this is a very strong and powerful spirit of the occult, I just had to flip through my notes and guide others to reach out to this spirit. Nothing about this experience will be light, but the power of baphomet is pretty deeply intense – and nothing is confusing about this very direct and straight forward ritual experience. All confusion and mess, is set aside – and we have very direct contact with this spirit and being.


Demonic Business Sorcery (Book Two)

This is the second book of the Business Sorcery series, and goes into building your business to stronger – and greater heights. This volume focuses on using the demons to push greater energy and popularity into the foundation you have build up from using the first book of this series – with Business Sorcery – and guides you to amplify everything and take it all to crazy and ridiculous new heights. Though this volume focuses purely on using demons the magick is very effective for crafting a stronger and bigger business – through very creative business magick and sorcery through the demons.


Business Sorcery – Book One https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085HS5MDH

Hardcore Baneful Magick

This volume – was needed, and for not the best reasons. I wanted others to understand what very deep, and potentially extreme…curse magick, was about and it has nothing to do with blood rituals and sacrifice of any kind. But you will see, and feel – and experience, very different spirits – dive into extreme baneful attacks on whoever you might be connected to…who technically needs to be pulled down, and just dealt with – very extremely directly. This is not for the light curse magick – folks, who just want a bit of emotional strain, or even a bit of that life hectic feeling to kick up. This is about very impossible, life shifts coming in – that completely envelope, devastate – and destroy, all who dare cross our paths. This is hardcore – and basically, the perfectly highest curse magick that i personally deal with, and have crafted – from very intensive personal study. This is not about holding back, but about understanding – how crazy amazing it can be, to be free from – very intensely tragic life tragedy and meltdowns, from those who…might accidentally, mess with us – as we learn to protect ourselves with very deeply extreme forms of the occult, and sorcery – in general.


Wrathful Sorcery

Enemies and bad people…should not be allowed to linger, and almost – get away with their bad deeds, and general mischief. This is not a book, nor volume – about light topics, and making friends with weirdly evil people. Here – we have the demons, angels – Greeks, Egyptian…and Viking spirits, to help us out with some very heavy handed curse, and baneful magick – and that is sure to wreak some intense destructive havoc, onto some very wicked and dark…people who have accidentally, crossed the wrong people.


Angelic Mind Magick

Bringing your mental faculties to a higher level requires that our brains, and minds – get aligned with higher functioning, and that can happen through angelic power. Most spirit paradigms can be used for elevating your brain function, but if you would like the angels – and very curiously different…angels for this volume – to help your mind…then you just have to meditate on what you most desire and want, and bring your mind to create a nice little sequence of rituals – that helps to boost your mind and mental capacity in variously flexible ways. This is angelic magick as it can empower and elevate your mental energy, and guide your brain to focus – and think clearly about what matters most.


Angels Of Apocalypse

This is not a book for those who – cannot handle life amplifying and getting serious. We have to be respectful and careful about how we handle the ideas of very hardcore – qlippothic angelic sorcery, and magick…because these are not light spirits, but the rituals are directly – heavy duty and nothing about this current and way of living (with the qlippoth angels) is going to be anything but surreal crazy insanity, once that very deep – and enormously life devastating surge of ridiculous energy pushes out all the…weird and odd things in life, and brings you your desires through extremely drastic situations – and massive life clarity through impossible mindset changes and incredible – life mass execution, of what we once knew, and everything else that no one should technically…fully know about – but should rather experience directly. Because some experiences are very impossibly direct – but the whole idea here, is extreme life change at…very exponential detox and energetic eradication of lies, manipulation – and anything else that should not remotely be part of our energetic lives. These spirits are not remotely light, but the sorcery – and magick is quite effective. Be warned that using these angels is a personal choice – but that your life will never be the same, ever again.


Greek Magick

Brace yourself – as you open yourself, and realize that the greek spirit paradigm of sorcery, and magick – is actually very helpful and powerful enough, to grant…almost any desire and wish you could possibly ever want. These spirits are legendary for a reason, but it is up to each of us – to open up, and understand our lands in terms of – personal empowerment, and creating and structuring ourselves – vastly differently, through immense levels of – very deep, energetic greek sorcery.


Angelic Success & Luck Sorcery

Elevating your personal energy with pure energetic sorcery through the angels is what this ritual volume – helps you explore. Everything about life can be made better and – far more creatively positive through deep levels of angelic energetic success and luck based fortune, shifted into your life through very powerful beings – and angelic spirits who are all around us, and can help us – change and shift the entire course of our realities…without too many hassles and predicament worries that bring us odd situations, and problems. This is about pure angelic sorcery and magick – helping to bring you into a higher energetic level of being.


Triumph Sorcery

Craft and manifest – the craziest life success and victory situations, that the angels and, Vikings – and Greek god forms, can guide and shift your reality to create. This is not small stuff, but triumph can be gained from exceptional situations of – very deeply curiously powerful surges of success energy filling up your entire situation. That is not a common topic for a lot of people but knowing and accessing very powerful sorcery rituals, and magick that works – is a very impossible idea for a lot of people, and we all just need to embrace very intensely creative, and powerful spirits and magick – and sorcery, that aims to bring us to the next level, for a very success filled life.


Money Magick

Using magick to elevate your financial situation, and money life – as a whole, might not be a bad idea…and the angels and demons, can greatly help you bring everything to an entirely new, and drastically different – level, immediately…and over time.


Djinn Baneful Magick

Many are curious about reaching into the djinn, and figuring out what their curse related side might – hold, and what that might mean for their lives and this world in general. The djinn are not difficult to work with, but gaining their respect is a very curiously deep, and the ritual process of evoking the djinn for correction of injustice – is as simple as studying and picking up a very rare volume that guides you through very intense baneful sorcery.


Abundance Sorcery

Create a far stronger, and more stable – money life, out of very simple steps that can bring us all…very much, back on track with our finances, and general cash spending. This is about connecting with very powerful spirits – that can help us dial back in…to a much higher energy level, and intimate connection with our monetary energy lives. Nothing about money is so difficult…but get it all wrong – and very few things will feel peaceful and alright in your life. Sorcery allows us to take back control over very awkward and erroneous money habits – and thought forms, that do not remotely serve us. Abundance sorcery is about taking back power – and mental, and physical control…back into our abundance, prosperity – and money lives as a whole.


Zen Sorcery

Understand what it means to dig into a perfectly zen – mindset, and focus on your conscious energy melting into a higher zone of conscious thought, and crazy – intense awareness. Access impossible thoughts and very – different zones of thinking and, emotional feeling…as you zone out and elevate your energetic mind to a new level of zen mental – and emotional power, through very incredible life discovery and mental, and emotional control – bringing yourself to the highest levels of your own evolution…that are even remotely possible. This is about conscious life focus and accessing internal energy only few understand how to – meditate within and embrace – very directly. And we will be using sorcery, and some spirit guidance – to bring this all to the surface.


Djinn Love Magick

Burning past boundaries so that you can deeply embrace…who you are, and what life is truly are – is going to be a marvelous way to understand love and why…life has to stretch and bend, to feel far crazier, and more mystical – as we plow ahead, and move forward into a new…and – very powerful djinn enhanced compassionate, and loving work. These spirits can help us in all the ways that we need, but that idea is going to be – refreshed and opened up, when we and…so many others, realize – how deeply helpful the djinn can be, when guiding our love lives and…minds – into a much better place.


Hindu God Magick

There are very – small reasons why a lot of people do not directly know about the hindu god forms, and the spirits of this paradigm. This is about connecting yourself back to common reality, and making sure that our lives – are completely good, and normal…because we work and will ourselves – toward stronger and better lives, as a whole. This magick is about pulling out the worst in life, and entering into a far better – and stronger new age, through these god forms of sorcery – and life altering ritual magick.


Demon Sorcery

This is about as…uncommon and rare – as some occult books can get. These are not very easy to find, or well known spirits – and these demons do not have that much coverage in the occult, and the world of spirituality…or any areas of interest – almost at all. But there is a very clear ritual process for summoning these demons, and it is not a joke – that there are dozens, and almost hundreds of almost completely unknown demons that are waiting to help us all out. Sorcery is empowered by the fact that we can – reach out to and summon these very curious and lesser known…demons.


Djinn Empowerment Magick

This is a unique – process of magick, and djinn based sorcery – because we are diving into the root causes of what forces us to be, mentally and emotionally – and physically not feeling right, and off track in this life. The djinn can help humans evolve, and feel much better over time – through very intensely insane, twists and shift in the human mind – and general psyche. You will not be the same after encountering the very impossible shifts that the djinn – can bring your mind, brain – and life as a whole.


Angelic Healing Sorcery

Removing and realigning our energy so that our life and bodies – do not pain us, is a big deal, and using the angels to help shift and change our minds, thoughts – and mindsets…to help create a very drastic and lasting energetic change in all of us who need some resolve and healing. This is also about life healing as well – and if you have chaos and stuff that literally just needs to be fixed up – healed up…with all energy restored back to a good spot. Things just need to be a lot better, without pain and discomfort – and the many angels in this volume can definitely help anyone overcome anguish, and emotional distress – with whatever else you have going on…as well.


Egyptian Abundance Sorcery

Realizing a better money, and financial life – might literally be as simple and…life changing, as reaching into a bag of egyptian spirit power, and just igniting your life through very impossibly incredible…god form illumination. This is about expanding your life through abundance sorcery, through the Egyptian spirits – and nothing about life, and your money and finances – will ever be the same again…considering how crazy deep, sorcery and magick can be – when you dive right into this magical current…and see, how crazy beneficial and effective sorcery can be – especially when targeted to your money and finances.


Viking Love Magick

Sometimes – the idea of love does not quite tell us, exactly what we need to know – in order to ascend with our own…self love, and to understand what it means…to have a love partner – or to even know compassion in this life. It is exceedingly painful to get the love question, and idea – incorrect, and we just have to know and gain guidance from the right spirits and god forms…in order to seal up this idea, and great question. It will not be so mistaken, and regretful if you have the right thoughts – and emotional focus to keep you right, in this life – and the viking spirits can help you in this fight to understand what love really means for us to live happily, and compassionately – long term.


Planetary Magick

Some might – almost not call this a magick paradigm to work with, but the planetary spirits are definitely very powerful. Though they are deeply connected to astrology and the zodiac, in very deep ways – these spirits can be individually summoned and evoked so that you can experience their powers, very directly. This is also about understanding spirits, and magick – very deeply and holistically such that different types of spirits…enter and cause greatly lasting and positive effects, in our lives – through progressive advancements in who we are as…human beings. And this magick – and sorcery, and the planetary spirits themselves – can bring you to a much higher place, if that is the path that you choose to take.


Aerial Demon Sorcery

There are plenty of demons to use, and evoke in the occult – and the worlds of sorcery and magick, but the Aerial demons are just too unique for words – and that is why this volume was created to capture their essence and dial into higher life and – cosmic results as we shift our life energy into much higher internal and external force, so that everything can assimilate cleanly – and obviously without any hindrances. This is also about driving our sorcery, and ritual energy into a new gear – and life chapter so that we can honestly just put everything we have, into making this life – genuinely something that we can be happy with, and rely on…and this can happen, with help form the Aerial demons – and their sorcery magick.


Energy Magick

This is very simple stuff, and getting your energy – to be at the place that it needs to be, for very long term…consistent productive uses, is going to be a very easy and convenience thing to realize. Because everyone who understands how to manage and elevate – their own personal energy, knows full well…how our lives expand and – our focus becomes stronger and deeper as long as we meditate on the right things, and everything just enhances…with far greater and stronger, mental and life energy – growing in the process.


The Sorcerer

If life were easy and just – incredible simple to navigate without some guidance, and spiritual help…then everyone would be doing extraordinarily well and that’s just not how any of this feels…because it would be nice to understand magick and sorcery on a much deeper level, and this all points to – very curiously impossible revelations in our own lives. Somehow, the spirits want us to do well – and succeed, and we all just have to be guarded and mentally aware of what it means to be…very impossibly prepared for the end of times, with some hefty and heavy duty magick, and spirit guidance – to lead us all…along our ways.


Orisha Sorcery

This is very unique magick, and not common spirits for magick practitioners to connect with. We are connecting with a very uncommon and – almost rare magical current that does not serve humanity through the normal avenues and pathways, and that is a very special thing, because here – is very incredibly simple access to these spirits and their powers, through a very creative ritual process…that brings the power of these very particular and powerful spirits – into your life. Please also understand that this is incredibly unique magick, and that if these spirits do not directly – resonate with your purposes and goals…that they might literally guide you to the magick and, other spirits – that could more easily help you. These spirits help very particular situations, and you will see – very soon, why their magick is considered to be – quite unique.


Sumerian Evolution Magick

Push yourself into a very – impossible direction, for life – and energetic personal ascension. This is not strictly about advancing your spirituality, but about cranking up your personal power – so that everything in your life feels, strong – and positive, and good, and that your personal life path – feels very incredibly lucrative and positive, for very deep – life enhancing personal benefit. The Sumerian spirits know how to guide you into better – and more stable and powerful thinking, and life actions…and it is up to us to create a more flexible and aligned – life that does not disappoint us in any ways.


Greek Transformation Sorcery

When life needs a bit of – energy shifting and change, then we might consider a bit of magick to make things right, and correct. That might be what needs to happen, but what if – life and, the best path of action…requires that we shift out – a very old path, in order to bring in…a way of thinking and being – that causes us to be drastically different people, very quickly – and over time. This is about shifting your mind, and perception – and then your world, to very drastic ideas and things…over time, and that might accidentally create – and dynamically dial in…a very different reality, that we – and others, never remotely considered to be a realistic option…for this world, and our lives – as a whole.


Angels Of Awakening

This is not a regular angelic book, and if you think this is similar to the spiritualist take on angelic magick – then I highly recommend you think three times before you enter the qlippothic current, of the angels – because this is not a book, nor volume to take lightly. Here we have a very different selection of angels that will boost your world view, and take your mind – to extrapolated other dimensions and beyond. Everything about this volume and book, is just – pure, awakening and reality breakthrough energy…and you will experience a very immeasurably deep, and incredible mind – and perception, and life breakthrough from having these particular angels break your life, and mind – into another level and dimension of life understanding and just, positively powerful – internal and otherworldly hypnotic change. This life breakthrough magick, and angelic sorcery – at its finest, and will bring your life to wherever you need, and desire to truly be.


Viking Baneful Sorcery

The magick from this paradigm is very deeply, powerful – but we have to acknowledge that Viking sorcery, is different. And the curse magick is just a unique blend of different attacks – and getting your enemies, and those others who have crossed you…just decimated for their damage against your life. This is a very huge step in the right direction – and dealing with the bad and wicked people in your life through Viking sorcery…will definitely help you clear out the negative and wicked energy, and allow you to ascend into your own life without outside harm.


Divination Magick

Reading our realities, and the future – causes us to create…and to understand how our actions, and thoughts – accidentally bend, and shift – reality. But all of that shows that once we connect to certain…powerful entities – that everything might consciously become better when we decide to become better, in general. This is about reading and changing our worlds, as we have the spirits guide us…to far better, and deeper understanding – of our lives.


Egyptian Soul Ascension Sorcery

Awakening into a new – world of colors and vibrant emotions trying to open up, is just the next level of a very intense soul experience…where our eyes want to open up – but our mouths and eyes, just radiate blind and indirectly – floored and hideously enthralled…directed energy that comes in from the Egyptian god forms, and just blends outwardly – from a very neutral mental and, mind position. This is about Egyptian sorcery pushing crazy deep energy into our…lives, and minds – from a very different direction, and these god forms and – extremely skilled spirits can guide all of us…into very deep vertical and, needed – ascension.


Wealth Sorcery

Wealth, and prosperity – and knowing how to build up both in your life, through a sequence and very powerful series of rituals that builds us up, but also throws us around – so that we can more properly see how everything fits together…is a very powerful idea. We all just need to wake up to understanding how deeply, crazy – and immensely life changing, prosperity enhancing sorcery is – and how that deeper idea, affects the whole idea…of very stupendous – and deeply life changing, wealth magick – and sorcery, might actually be.


Personal Development Magick

Enjoy very – energy shifting and changing, sorcery and magick that brings our entire being – onto a whole new level and personal revolution of magical power entering and opening up, new positive ideas and opportunities into your life. This is not about idle meditation and, almost – zero change, but absolutely grand and majestic life drastic movement into the right, best – and most benefiting personal directions that we can possibly move. Everything about this journey goes into very – impossibly deep, life satisfaction and personal commitment to making everything we possibly do…a living, and positively breathing, and empowered – potential reality.


Spiritual Magick

Bring your soul – and the spirits of this universe, into full alignment…as you traverse deep and ancient…thoughts, and your own meditations – to bring you into higher alignment and reconditioning for your soul and mind. This is very lightweight, but hefty magick to bring you back on track with life…and to know – over time, and immediately – full well…how to know yourself, through the spirits and magick.


Demonic Healing Magick

Causing your body, and mind – and spirit, to elevate to a higher energetic frequency, might mean that we call upon certai spirits to help us out. This could be a very simple and easy way – to bring ourselves into much more stable, and positive…life energetic resonance with a healthier, and much stronger – living life energy, that makes everything…that much more stable, and resilient. Demon energy and the rituals contains within this book, will guide you to heal your emotions – your mind, and your life as a whole.


Egyptian Baneful Sorcery

This is not regular magick, and it is somewhat – obvious from just dealing with spirits like the Egyptians, and knowing that they are not quite the same – as angels, and others…mythical spirits, that we just have to be cautious and aware of what this reality, really entails – and means for our evolutions, in general. Baneful Egyptian magik is way different, but brings – fire and pain, to those who act and bring themselves – against our life paths. This is not the lightest magick, but the rituals with these god forms and spirits – will bring you to an enemy resolved life, over the course of…your own deep meditations with these powerful spirits.


Metatron Awakening

Using and – feeling into deeply powerful…metatron, and arch angel peter – energies can be a life hope, and personally empowering – extremely positive experience. Though it can be tough to figure out how to contact the angels in general…this ritual series, and book – will guide you to your own metatron awakening and to helping you realize…who you truly are for long term personal and – potentially…life grandiose life changing – extreme personal spiritual awakening, and whatever else comes to mind.


Sumerian Luck & Fortune Magick

The Sumerians – might not be directly known for luck and fortune, type magick – but that does not mean that they cannot help us with this very deeply useful, life topic. All we need to do is increase our mental – and life understanding, and general luck energy – through this spirit paradigm and guide everything in our lives into a much stronger and livelier place through…very deep ritual, and sorcery enhancements to our lives. This is more about making life better through very specially crafted magick, that will work to bring you a better attitude and luckier way to – view, and see this world – through very particularly crafted, fortune and luck magick, with the Sumerian god forms.


Angelic Law Of Attraction

This is not quite about regular goal setting and, making sure you are focused on your desires – in order to get what you want. We have to be clear…right now, that we understand that angelically amplified and inspired manifestation is about very powerful angels guiding our manifestations and shifting our personal energy so that everything is elevated to a much higher level – and that we attract higher quality things on a far more consistent basis. The angels are the focus of this of this volume, and going forward – it will be proven that angels and angelic sorcery can manifest pretty much anything that humans can ever desire, without too much…holding us back from getting what we truly want.


Business Sorcery (Book One)

Tune your life to very creatively – powerful magick, that can bring you to start a brand new business enterprise…or else just amplify whatever enterprise you might have currently. This is about making the best out of life in a very direct, and extremely – deep, and powerful system of extremely efficient magick, and sorcery – that can take any situation of business and entrepreneurship to much greater, and grander heights. And all you would have to do – is just a handful of very targeted and powerful rituals, that connect with some very powerful spirits.


Demonic Business Sorcery – Book Two https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0861HTFXJ

Demonic Wealth Magick

This has been a very hot topic – in the spiritual communities and the occult, for far too many years to count, but this is a very – ritual packed, volume with the demons…and guiding your own energy to be, far more open – and accepting, of much higher end prosperity energy. This becomes very extremely – both interesting and life changing, to know that sorcery – and demon magick can bring us to that much higher level, and nothing directly…pulls us away from our new lives of deeper higher level abundance, and working for dynamic wealth – that is now, purely within reach.


Djinn Success & Luck Sorcery

Making life better with – pure success energy can be very simple, as long as you have the right spirits working with you, and the djinn are a very particular magick and spirit paradigm to work with – very deeply, to help ensure that your personal luck and success, are no question at all. Djinn success magick can bring us all into a very finely tuned state of being, and existence just as long as we are fully ready – and capable of handling very deep and drastic life changes and shifts that bring us to entirely new levels of being, through very focused and precise rituals that amplify and dial in our energies to be – far more aligned to whatever success and luck, and fortune…most mean to us – in this life. And with the djinn, this can happen very swiftly – and with curious power that can rock our lives completely.


Angelic Curse Magick

Very powerful – energetic curses can be done by the angels, and it is up to us to understand that…powerful sorcery, and angelic rituals can literally take down our enemies. But it honestly – and genuinely relies on our volition, and conscious ability to decide to do something about…potentially very bad people we need to possibly, deal with – using very uniquely powerful, angelic magick.


Protection Magick

Enter the world of magick, and sorcery – from the angle of very, unique – and reliable protection from a variety of very hidden, and lesser known spirits. This is a volume dedicated to maximizing the occult forces, to help shift – and guide your protection…for very immediate, and long term uses.


Dark Magick

Almost…everyone misunderstands black magick, and dark magick – but what if this phenomenon, can be deeper…and better understood – and that we can use the demons for both – protection, and gaining a far greater, and better…understanding. This is about understanding the darker side of magick through demon rituals, and through this unique sorcery – opening up your eyes to part of what is really going on…in the spiritual communities, and the world of witchcraft – in general.


Occult Warfare

Dealing with – very hectic and damaging black magick, attacks – can be very confusing. But when you have a very simple, and systematic way of dealing with it all – nothing is so confusing. Triumph, is merely – the idea of excelling past our enemies, and making sure…that they do not succeed with their attacks.


Sorcery Of The Six Demon Dukes

Harnessing the very – difficult to access powers…of six very rare and different demons…who are not remotely easy to connect with or know about – is just how this volume and work connects together very curious dots, that point to a very crafty illuminated picture of our ascent. This is about unique ideas and very poignant ideas trying to know themselves, and that is when our minds – concave and our brains have to do something else, very deeply – intensely insane. This is about bringing ourselves into very deep, and insanely bright – focus, because we know that these demons can bring us permanently to a much higher level of life and personal well being. These six demon dukes can make life unfathomably better – and working with them is our next step.


Demonic Ascension Sorcery

Ascending through demon magick – and deep sorcery, has never been more simple…and crazy simplified in general. But that means that our lives, and imagined outcomes – just have to come into full motion and be…far better, and stronger vehicles of soul based – ascension and reduction of very extreme…pain, life discomfort and assimilation of things – possibly, that we just do not need. Demon power, and sorcery – can help bring us all to a very driven and higher level of personal wellness, and ascension as it relates to us…knowing ourselves far deeper and genuinely, and pushing our minds and personal evolution – to impossibly crazier heights, that we will each…very deeply enjoy once we reach, and achieve those very elevated states of being.


Magickal Sorcery

Open your spirit based – minds, brains…and thoughts – to something far deeper, as we use the spirits and god forms, of this universe…to open our lives into something far deeper and greater. Something about this very unique human experience drives a massive stake – into living reality, and the spirits and god forms of this book – will help us all…not just wake up – but to more fully understand what it means to be a more awake being, on this planet – entirely.


Enki Sorcery

Working with the Sumerian spirit, and god form – Enki is a very unique and…different occult experience. We have to mentally take into account that this type of magick is both powerful and, very enlightening – but only if you are ready to jump ahead into a stronger life, and are willing to push your efforts into full connection with this spirit, and curiously powerful god form.


Tiamat Sorcery – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0875VM1Q1

Astarte Sorcery – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0874VKCYV

Hecate Sorcery – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08D6G37Q8

Ahriman Sorcery – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08D66GKD3

Kundalini Sorcery – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08D94XV53

Shiva Sorcery – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08DFM5MH3

Ereshkigal Sorcery – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08PCVCMQ4

Osiris Sorcery

Embracing very different magick – within the Egyptian spirits, and this god form…known as Osiris brings us to very curious set of life – questions, and a very deep meditation to figure out who we truly are, as regular humans…and folks who want to explore Egyptian magick deeper. Osiris has a lot of mental, and awakening potential and you just have to reach down deep, to understand how crazy – impossible the powers of a very high level Egyptian king can be, when you connect directly and…feel the energy – up close.


Anubis Sorcery – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0875N2JR9

Isis Sorcery – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0875JZPSH

Mercury Sorcery

Here we have an indirectly well known – spirit of the planetary paradigm that is very…helpful with most life matters as it relates to thinking differently, and guiding our entire perception to understand life better – and in stronger more constructive ways. We have to embrace this idea that the planetary spirits can be more a part of our lives…because venus and mercury, and neptune – and saturn are all spirits and god forms that would love to help us all out. Working with mercury head on is a very curious and powerful – ritual activity that is bound to bring you the results and desires that fully satisfy and expand your life.


Venus Sorcery – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B087687V9H

Jupiter Sorcery – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B087683NWM

Beelzebub Sorcery

This spirit is a very popular – but misunderstood Greek god form that is willing to work with us all, as long as we are willing to put in a tiny bit of effort to get the things that we most desire. This is also about – very deep life change bringing us into exceptional focus and…a very direct understanding of life quality as it relates to making our minds and, lives as a whole – run far better. Everything about this practice of working directly with beelzebub – is practical and the ritual process is very clear, and straight forward.


Hades Magick – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0876RBWXX

Typhon Magick – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0876ZJWQH

Loki Sorcery

Loki might be popular…not even historically, but with popular culture – and through the eyes of a very active occult practitioner…there is only open territory to explore very deeply and this all gets very tricky, and twisty – because we know that life can get a little creatively confusing. But it is Loki’s inherent power and talent to bring us creative and clever thinking that allows us to think well beyond – and past all current challenges which thereby, brings us way beyond anything that the devils and forces of darkness…can throw our way. This is pure Viking magick, and Loki sorcery – is just fine stuff.


Bune Sorcery

Embracing better money lives and – vastly better finances is a core theme of Bune sorcery, and we just need to be far more aware of what positive things can happen – when our elevated focus and thoughts, guide us into better money situations…due to the power of this very different money related demon. Everything about our money lives can be drastically better, but – it is entirely up to us to work on the right sequence of rituals with this demon to fully actualize a very strong, and proper – financial life that does not easily get rocked by changing times.


Greek Kings Sorcery

This is not magick, or a book for the weak – or people who desire very minimal life change because very deep Greek sorcery is about flipping…very undesirable life power, and energy – and making the absolute best out of our lives, in general. That is nothing small and we just have to mentally meditate on how crazy solid – and good, it can be to shift and push our energies – into a very solid goal. The Greek kings are a different bunch of spirits, and god forms – and we just need to be properly tuned into what it means to be…proper higher functioning human beings in order to understand what it means to fully and completely succeed in this life – and the Greek god form kings, can bring us to greater success and life purpose through very intense and focused sorcery.


Angelic Kings Sorcery

Opening our lives up to very…direct and divine angelic sorcery – might be our next step. Because it is known that higher level angelic magick can bring very creative life change – and the angelic kings are just another form of beings – and spirits can help us out…very directly in this life. Nothing about the angels, and either the knights – dukes, or bishops – is anything small or weak, and the kings have their own ways of dealing with the problems of this reality. This angelic sorcery is geared to help – very deep situations, and bring elevated energetic clarity to our souls…directly. These kings are not regular, but they will grant – very surreal and life altering results.


Djinn Rulers Sorcery

Halting the spread of – general life negativity might just mean that very internally powerful change…has to happen in order for very focused and, comprehensive life advancements to come forward. This is about intense and powerful…new beginnings, the djinn rulers are here to help guide us – into very strong life energy that does not easily erase away, or end. This is also about perpetual propulsion and incredible ideas – coming directly to life, through very enigmatic djinn – force, and power.


Sumerian Kings Sorcery

Reducing the amount of pain – and general life torture that we generally endure, is a very titanic activity that…forces our minds and general lives into very deep – and extreme energetic change that must be embraced, through powerful life…meditation and shifting that brings us far deeper into what it means to be more illuminated and awake. And the Sumerian kings can bring us very – close to all of our goals in very mentally focused, and life manifested ways – that can brighten any situation.


Viking Kings Sorcery

The viking current is a very deeply involved, but incredibly simple – magick paradigm to work with directly, and these spirits are…very intriguing to explore and – possibly work with. If you have ever been directly curious about who the viking spirits might be, in terms of how they can change your life using practical and real magick – then this volume might be for you.


Egyptian Kings Sorcery

Removing the old thoughts – and dross ideas, and things from the past – might require a bit of mental and internal…force, and some will power. And we all might need a small amount of guidance on putting all of that together – because it makes a lot of sense that life has to be stronger, and generally more powerful in order for things to be that much deeper – and more meaningful over time. We also have to keep in mind that the Egyptian god forms – and in this case…the kings – are just impossibly powerful for who they are, and how they can help us. It is just a matter of accessing them through rituals – and helping ourselves create enhanced…and better lives in the process.


Necromancy Sorcery

Talking to the dead…is not a small task, and the idea – of bringing ourselves into major…and close connection with those who have passed on – into the after life, and world of the astral dead…is a very intense and curiously impossible topic. This is about very extreme ideas – floating in and out of our reality, and us understanding death and necromancy in a very blunt – and straight forward way, through the unique use of some very crafty demons.


Angel Of Death Sorcery

Understanding life – through the angel of death, and the spirit and god form – known as Apophis…is a very rare and personally empowering experience that brings – very deep energetic rewards. Prosperity is a very different idea and feeling, with Apophis – and knowing very deeply that illumination is only a single ritual away – can bring us all…into very deep energetic retribution with the mistakes of our present reality and our pasts. Sorcery with this very incredible and – darkly mysterious being can easily shift your life – into a very earth shattering awakening, and possibly even a full reality illumination…if that is what you truly desire.



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