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Feel Sorcery Thunder

This is a slightly different topic…

But I hope you all possibly get something from this. I have developed something, to help those who are curious…what my physical, in person sorcery feels like, and now…you can feel and experience what my personal, ritual sorcery feels like…through, a simple magick audio track that I made.

The experience is pretty similar to what i experience, and how a ritual might go for myself, in general.

This is magick, imparted to an audio track, and made to help you feel…the lightening strike, of sorcery power that comes from angelic or even demon magick, in general. The audio is designed to bring a feeling of magick, and sorcery elation and high spirits.

Also note that, there are angels bound to this audio, to help boost its powers. It will work, for anyone who listens to it, and it is very effective…only if you are curious of, the lightening power of ritual sorcery.




Enochian Angelic Sorcery

To work with Enochian Angelic Sorcery…

Means to just…pick up my, newest sorcery book and connect with the ancient angelic forces, of the Enochian sorcery paradigm. They are not so difficult to work with, but we have 68 different and slightly…new angels to work with, who have not been covered before in any of my previous works.

These are powerful angels, that can willfully guide you to…have a better, life…and that can happen, just one ritual…at a time…




Invincibility Sorcery

When you want to get serious about…

…your life goal setting, and achieving everything you need and desire out of this life, then you might want to become more resilient and successful on your path to understanding and becoming the greatest, and best of yourself.

Invincible Sorcery is about everlasting achievement, and creating powerful momentum in your life that sustains and helps you attain and reach your highest goals. Feeling, and being invincible on the way to reaching your maximum, personal height of self achievement…might seem like a far out, fantasy – but this is very attainable, with…the right sorcery, at your hand.



Magick is Life