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Building The Empire

No stories about business…somehow – ever really capture how the realism of…catastrophe can be – when you consciously…but accidentally make it. Our plans might accidentally work – but what if there was a higher goal in mind, and that our ideas and feelings – about the future, and how success works…just had to melt together – to form a much greater and higher idea. And everything just has to manifest itself into a much stronger – and higher plane of general existence, though it makes sense – that time and reality have to stretch and become greater…because business is not directly about profits – if you do not have a stable worldly – and mental foundation, to carry you…far beyond all the finish lines of heaven – and hell. Because the new world order – came and went and everything…just drew itself together – because of very deeply extreme, visions and – some unethical people along the way – trying to make this world a less good place.


Channeling That Internal Fire

If life were a bit more obvious…than it might be the case that we have found our purpose – and general ambitions. That is not always the case and it is perfectly fine – and clear…that we always have options to explore – in every world, and reincarnation of our souls – into very solid, and purpose based…human bodies. This is not about pure achievement – so much as it is about exploring what it means to be a very successful and…meaning driven human being on this planet. We might explore aliens – and what big brother means to the world – here as well…but please keep in mind, that as a whole – this is mostly a positive work about knowing yourself through that internal ambitious fire.


To Embrace Magick

Fighting to know yourself – within this world and reality…can mean that our strengths and weaknesses have to be completely – shifted and rebuild from scratch in order to find…true meaning within this life. This is about embracing the electronic fire of life – through sorcery and magick, as the old stories of solomon…and possibly even – king phillip knew how sorcery and the world – shifted and worked together…and assimilating a better life – through magick, was just…a very powerful experience – through each evolutionary life time that these magicians saw in their days…on this planet.


Making The Words Sing

Describing a very good – phrase, and scene…of a very wild and vivid story – is a powerful thing to focus on, and meditate on. What is the meaning of the story as we elevate our conscious and subconscious understanding of everything…because it all has to have meaning at one point, and nothing completely – turns off…in its own ways. That means that life goes into a very heroic salvation phase, and we have to run to…catch up, and everything just shifts and twists – to become vastly different, and vastly underwhelming…as the spooks and haunts from our dreams – come to us in waking reality to welcome us…into a very different dream world. The novel and story creation process is nothing like – what others might imagine, and this is a powerful…but abstract look, at what it means – to be a character and the writer, going through extreme suspense, and murderously hidden – and mysterious plots that almost – drive the minds eye…very deliriously insane. This is about serial novel writing, and wanting to push – the readers minds…to all known and tangible limits.


Rehearsing The Triumph

Decades upon – hideously long, and complex research, has guided our society to understand and acknowledge that…success obviously can be studied – but the majestic life span of…solomon, and dionysius – and plato and…others like ignomous and merlin, and count dracula – has become the new focus, for new world times – and the newest era of productivity and mental achievement. If you can envision your triumph – perhaps you can get something out of this extreme trial and error – path of fire…that these men have treaded from eras of times past.



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