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Shifting all of reality to get what you desire…

Here we will use angelic magick to bring us – whatever our need, or desire might be.

Due to the fact that this is a strong, and possibly even – challenging or large idea, and desire in general, we might have to use a qliphoth angel in order to push our desires into full fruition.

To do this, we would just task the angel with – our idea, or request – in a very blunt and straight forward way, that is very easy to state, and allow…the angel to work on our request, from there.

Here we might use – the angel, achaiah to bring us our – deeply desired…thing, or idea.

Achaiah can be used to help us attract, create – or gain whatever it is that we most desire or need, at any time in a way that is obvious, and very deeply helpful or otherwise life changing, and very satisfying.

The idea here is to have the angel – indirectly guide and help us work on the whole entire task, and idea – so that we are thinking, and indirectly acting and behaving in a way that brings us our whole entire request and desire…as reasonably, and timely as possible.

…of the Sumerian spirits – enlil is known for doing the same thing as achaiah here, and is easily able to bring us – our most deeply held desires…without too much, worry or fear.

This is a very straight forward approach to doing angelic magick in general, and might be – the single…key to life changing growth, for yourself – and your own well being, going into the near – and immediate, futures. The angels, and the qliphoth can help us – with whatever we might desire, and need, at all times.

Use the qliphoth angels – to get what you desire, and need:

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