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Understanding luck through planetary cycles…

Here we have a little known topic that most people just don’t understand.

Planetary cycles affect far more than you realize, and it is not what you think in most cases that change and affects your life.

These are massive energy swings that literally change your personal energy, overnight in some cases.

Sometimes we feel great one night and everything changes as we wake up the next day.

You can’t explain it but everything energetically shifted in the hours of the night – and you have no explanation for it.

It’s not something you can easily think about and explain to others – but you know when it happens, and you’re often not prepared whatsoever when things go down and you’re left stuck in a horrible mood with a bad day coming.

No one wants to misunderstand what’s going on like this.

It’s not a good place to be – you know something big happened (or is happening), but you can’t detect what, how or when things changed – you just have no idea, and trying to figure it out is like trying to complete a puzzle while missing the key final piece.

Situations like this are just not good, and when they strike in the future, you’ll suddenly understand what’s going on – finally.

Here is a rough look at what happens when low, transition and high energy cycles hit, thereby affecting your personal energy and luck…

Low energy cycle: Feb 8 – Feb 9 (thing don’t work out – bad stuff happens a lot and we don’t understand why)

Transition cycle: Feb 10 – Feb 18 (most things work out, but the important things have issues we can’t understand no matter what we do)

High energy cycle: Feb 19 – March 5 (things works out as long as you associate with those who are also in high energy cycles)

From this we can see that low energy (bad luck cycles) can affect us deeply, and cause us to have severely bad days that just ruin our mood and life outlook for a brief period.

The transition cycle is where things get better but you don’t necessarily see the bigger projects or things you plan work out. Things are alright, but not great and you might experience a few days of unfavorable events that you don’t enjoy.

In the high energy cycle (good luck cycle) you feel good and things just feel like they’re working out for you. There isn’t a lot of negativity and you don’t really have any reason to feel lowly or bad about things in your life. Everything generally feels good.

The spirits can help us understand this a bit more, and it’s not what most people think.

You get a feel for how your own bad and good luck cycles hit, and things just suddenly make more sense…

Omael (angel) – Causes you to have great insight about your luck cycles and how you can make things better; you suddenly see how things can be made better, with insight on how to reduce any bad luck in the future.

Rehoel (qlippoth angel) – Guides you to reduce all bad luck cycles so that you only experience transition and high energy cycles going forward – which is completely possible; you see what to do, how to do it, and why everything happened the way it did.

Understanding your luck and energy cycles is not a small thing whatsoever.

If you had the spirits help you understand luck once and for all – you no longer have any low energy cycles – it’s not even difficult to get them to help you.

Once that happens you just have transition and good luck cycles – everything just looks brighter – your mood is brighter, and nothing feels out of place in your life.

Some spirits can help remove the bad luck cycles, but others can help you enhance and understand how to boost your transition and good luck cycles…

Vehuel (angel) – Enables you to understand why your transition cycles happen and gives you deep understanding of ways you can boost your good luck cycles long term; everything will feel much better, deeper and stronger – you will understand how to create longer good luck energy cycles.

Yeyilel (qlippoth angel) – Gives you deep understanding of your transition and high energy cycles so that you never really have bad luck – causes you to perfectly understand how to increase your good luck long term in ways you never imagined possible.

If you’ve ever had the feeling of wishing your good luck woudn’t go away – this is your chance to deepen your understanding of your cycles so that wish can finally come true.

This isn’t fantasy – this is magically influenced reality.

If you want to change your future for the better, with greater luck, better mood and higher energy, this is pretty much what you need to do.

It’s not complicated and the spirits do most of the work going forward.

But you have to connect with the spirits to get everything flowing – if you forsake this advice and do nothing, those energy cycles will run you over in ways you could have never expected.

This isn’t about just having good luck in your life – but about reducing the bad luck and energy that permeates your life.

It can change everything in your life for the better, or worse – it all depends on how you manage your energy – and the spirits can help you.


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