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Using A Strategized Attack To Avoid, Confuse and Destroy Your Enemies…

Two very curiously…almost unconnectable spirits can very easily shift and flip situations into very stable – safety, and not even anything to joke about –

…you will not believe that your enemies stop in their tracks and focus on other things…

While these few gods literally change the whole event and situation around so that far less damage and suffering happened –

This is about correcting horrific situations and making everything completely right – for the long run…

One greek and viking spirit can help deal with our enemies in very differently unique ways –

Dinlas (Greek spirit) – Binds our enemies to prevent them from attacking us further, then guides them to becomes incredibly confused about anything related to us (preventing them from attacking us) and shifts their thinking so that we are able to avoid them completely.

Heimdall (Viking spirit) – Brings your enemies to feel full and complete life destruction through incredible personal and emotional pain, where they are removed from their loved ones and friends and given a terrifying mid life crisis and they know they aren’t anything good – revealed to themselves as evil and terrible people for a prolonged period of time.

When everything finally smooths out and we know that our minds and general well beings…

Are completely aligned to something far deeper and much more incredibly stable and strong.

Something about this entire experience lets us know that our enemies cannot continue trespassing against us –

And that becomes very hideous other things when we realize…

That they will not last – and that this gets better for us…almost pretty much immediately –

And that cannot be an easy thing to deal with long term…for them, because their life destruction lets us fully know that…

Justice is being restored, and that now – we can just breath easily.

Because it just gets better, with other spirits helping us out – to create a much better and stronger life –


Deal with your enemies Using the Greek spirits:


The viking gods:


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