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Using the Qlippoth to boost your financial situation long term…

Nothing about what we’re about to do is for short term gains –

…and that should be obvious for the fact that we have to use certain very blunt…almost rough – but very obviously and clearly intensely in your face…

But that’s not how most people think of the angels, and their other aspect –

Which is a secret to most of society…anyway, but we cannot allow for older legends to go unresolved.

Sometimes we just have to enter into a new life – and in this case, a whole new world with our finances –

In an entirely new and ridiculously positive, though empowered – way that allows us to be stronger and resilient to anything life can throw at us…long term.

Several angels can help here…

Melahel – Enables you to think about your finances in the smartest way possible, seeing all ways you can make everything better while reduces all unnecessary spending; causes you to create the perfect budget that fits your short and long term needs.

Yichuiah – Causes you to reflect of your finances in a way that removes all unnecessary and inefficient spending so that you see more cash freed up each month going forward; enables you to create a far better budget so that you aren’t low on cash anymore.

Eshaliah – Greatly enhances your spending on a consistent basis so that you are far smarter and wiser with your buying decisions; cuts out all foolish thinking regarding your money life and allows you to embracing far more intelligent spending decisions going forward.

When you have all three of these spirits working on your life, nothing will be the same and you will enjoy far greater financial abundance long term.

These changes might affect your short term money life but in the end…they will bend and shift your spending and money habits in totality so that nothing is ever the same again –

And that make for a very brutally real understanding and realization for some people…

Because changing your money life tends to mean changing your mindset and personal understanding of reality as a whole –

Which is what these angels can do, and how they can help us change and flip our money lives into a whole new reality.

Guiding your finances into a much better position starts with as little as…reaching out to the spirits for help and energetic guidance…


Boost your finances using the qlippoth angels:


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