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Bringing Heat To Fury

Bringing Heat To Fury (series)

Making sure all life elements for…all people involved in these events – just makes little sense, because everyone might be wrong…and it might just be some solemn efforts that helps – piece things together over time. That is – almost always, a problem…and knowing that war, and the many battles of this life – just do not directly hold any sway with the lords, and emperors – of mercy, and surrender. The gods of love and – death…just do not want – things to get worse, and that might be why we had to dive in – and just help things, and each situation…from maxing out on violent emotional – and love related, crazy sexual tension. Because life is about love, and extremely – intensely insane – situations of elevated fear, angst – and passion.

Episode One –https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08CXYNXQR


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