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Building The Empire

No stories about business…somehow – ever really capture how the realism of…catastrophe can be – when you consciously…but accidentally make it. Our plans might accidentally work – but what if there was a higher goal in mind, and that our ideas and feelings – about the future, and how success works…just had to melt together – to form a much greater and higher idea. And everything just has to manifest itself into a much stronger – and higher plane of general existence, though it makes sense – that time and reality have to stretch and become greater…because business is not directly about profits – if you do not have a stable worldly – and mental foundation, to carry you…far beyond all the finish lines of heaven – and hell. Because the new world order – came and went and everything…just drew itself together – because of very deeply extreme, visions and – some unethical people along the way – trying to make this world a less good place.


Channeling That Internal Fire

If life were a bit more obvious…than it might be the case that we have found our purpose – and general ambitions. That is not always the case and it is perfectly fine – and clear…that we always have options to explore – in every world, and reincarnation of our souls – into very solid, and purpose based…human bodies. This is not about pure achievement – so much as it is about exploring what it means to be a very successful and…meaning driven human being on this planet. We might explore aliens – and what big brother means to the world – here as well…but please keep in mind, that as a whole – this is mostly a positive work about knowing yourself through that internal ambitious fire.


To Embrace Magick

Fighting to know yourself – within this world and reality…can mean that our strengths and weaknesses have to be completely – shifted and rebuild from scratch in order to find…true meaning within this life. This is about embracing the electronic fire of life – through sorcery and magick, as the old stories of solomon…and possibly even – king phillip knew how sorcery and the world – shifted and worked together…and assimilating a better life – through magick, was just…a very powerful experience – through each evolutionary life time that these magicians saw in their days…on this planet.



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