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Crafting the ideal life through…

And this one is a little different because we’re not directly talking about spirits –

Which is very odd – but one of my other projects has taken off like a show of thunder fireworks…

That I get to reveal to everyone.

But first we have to get things clear and obvious…

This is not strictly about magick, but about sound – and where music those very particular frequencies can take you –

Which is not a common topic, but if you know about subliminals and how my services have helped countless of people through magick already…

You will surely understand and agree that this is going to be something vastly and impossibly different –

I might even be talking to your higher self right now – just to square away the smaller details.

Because this is strong stuff, and though I have full confidence in my projects…

It is time to reveal everything that I have…in a very systematic and abrupt way –

And so here we go…


Change everything through dynamic subliminal technology:


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Developing and sustaining daily mental clearness and clarity –

…can be very unpredictable and frustrating at best sometimes.

Which is why we have to push into another level and world – likely with our minds and emotions holding on for dear life…

Something better is bound to come along to help our minds out, and that doesn’t really need to be anything that clearly unhinges our lives and minds from our bodies –

I would also hazard a guess that our emotions are about to get throttled and pushed into a very doubtful but sought after…

Differently perceived direction – but that’s just how this mind game of memory and absent thoughts works out.

Our first few spirits we will cover target thinking speed as it relates to mental clarity…

Asclepius (Greek spirit) – Causes you to think faster with heighted mental clarity in a way that brings you greater cognitive speed (thinking speed); enables you to figure out situations, challenges and puzzles faster.

Chaamiah (fallen angel) – Brings you to think faster with greater mental clarity and thinking speed; enables you to solve challenges, situations and puzzles much faster.

Though these spirits might just target mental clarity and thinking speed, having that during the day when it most counts can be a life saver.

Some people might just need a mental boost so that they can think quickly and with greater clarity – but that’s not all the spirits can help with.

Sometimes we need a little memory boost as well, and if you can think quickly but can’t remember what you were going to say – what use is that?

Dionysus (Greek spirit) – Grants the target faster thinking speed with enhanced memory; they are able to remember everything they need with enhanced mental clarity.

Nothing goes without saying, and that says a lot –

Likely without too much compromise either, and this was going to be and grow into a very different monster of a situation only too soon.

Because our mental lives and…not even internal worlds…

Can seriously handle this ride and journey without the spirits helping us out mentally and with a bit more focus and clarity added to the overall picture.

Enhance your mind world using the Greek spirits:


Using the fallen angels:


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