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Increasing your brain power with magick…

Few people know that the gods and spirits can help enhance and increase your mental thinking clarity and speed –

And that is slowly changing with incredible new insights from – just other sources that I cannot easily recall right now…

Which is kind of part of the problem, and just needs to be dealt with in a more immediate way.

I know we can all benefit from greater brain function and efficient thinking in the long run…

Because that just makes sense, and nope – this doesn’t really happen months and years from now, because the spirits are right here to help –

Hagith (Olympic spirit) – Increases your memory as it relates to matters that are important to you; generally increases memory so that you become less forgetful.

Yichuiah (angel) – Enhances mental clarity in a way that directly affects memory (mildly) and intelligence; gently increases intelligence as it applies to important daily matters.

Cronus (Greek spirit) – Directly improves memory, intelligence and mental clarity for those who need it for a general boost.

Valac (demon) – Improves intelligence in those who most need a boost in memory, mental clarity and general thinking speed.

Will you be connecting the dots to put these spirits together in a way that illuminates your life through enhanced mental capacity –

Because I surely hope that you were thinking clearly this whole time and made a wise decision come to life…

And that’s not something to shrug off either, because we are exploring brain operation and optimal functioning and both mental clarity and general functioning need to be tuned up for a well balanced mind in general.

This is not about fanciful shifts that leave you confused and frustrated…

Because that is exactly what we are leaving in the past – hopefully to enter a new life and way of thinking…and being –

But we have to be ready to think differently and have life in a very differently better way…

And the spirits are already here – and we just need to reach out.


Boost your brain power using the Olympic spirits:


Using the angels:


The demons:


The Greek spirits:


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The pain of not knowing your true self…does not have to be why everything is flipped backwards and in reverse –

Because we want the world to make sense and these powerful and very creatively different spirits can make things shake and raffle with intense excitement.

The world can be vastly and drastically different – but we also have to keep in mind that our minds and internal games need to be shaped and formed in a very particular way –

With everything shifting for the better, and our minds and ideas getting stronger day by day…

Several Egyptians can help us see the world a little more clearly –

Amun – Causes us to see and know that our lives need to be different, then guides us to put in maximum effort to actualize that new path; everything gets better as we realize who we truly are and do what we need in order to align completely with where we need to go.

Horus – Enables you to see exactly what you need to do in order to get on with your life with renewed direction and motivation; causes you to act in a way that perfectly aligns with your truth life and money path, in a way that ensure your future is prosperous and successful.

Blinding yourself accidentally does not easily make a difference in terms of trying to get better through force –

And if you seriously and truly want to get better, then everything will smash and crack into a new and higher dimension over time.

We all want a better, stronger…and lighter feeling and just…

For everything to work out, and our last spirit can bring everything together with some finality –

Osiris – Brings you to see how your life can be greatly enhanced by changing direction completely; you are guided into a completely new and more aligned life so that everything just feels right, and you completely embody success and abundance in all the right ways.

These are not small tweaks that we are executing here…

And that will be known through a horrendous series of massive conclusions that leaves us far better off.

I would also like to say that our minds and worlds function far stronger and better through large sequences of very brilliant and overwhelming life discovery –

Because nothing truly makes sense aside from the mere and utter fact…

That we can choose and exert heavy effort to get better over time –

And with the right spirits guiding you forward – all that you work for and desire will suddenly be within arms reach.


Find your life breakthrough using the Egyptian spirits:


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