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This does not have to be about entertaining expansive growth in order to live and become…

The best of ourselves over time –

Which tells us all that we can embrace the future, as the present moment – and that things can be far better off in general…

As long as we shift our thoughts – brains, and lives into a greatly empowered and strengthened…

Over drive, and higher gear. That literally pushes our lives into the next dimension, and level – and this can happen using several viking spirits –

Frigg – Guides us to stop dwelling on present and past negativity so that we can move forward without any deeply clung to worries and problems lingering around us – then shifts our thinking and beliefs so that we are more aligned with our true life paths, and everything suddenly just makes sense for us.

Often our ways of thinking do not fully align with…

How others want us to live our lives – and that comes with a price when you realize that things get very hardened, and severely focused on what’s good –

And you have to realize that the past, and the future…just have to become, almost too different for words…

Because we want everything to be different, but that can only happen – through concentrated persistent effort over time – and tyr can help massively with getting you to focus on things in a better way –

Tyr – Builds up your persistence, motivation and general life outlook into a stronger and more positive way so that everything just shifts for the better long term, and nothing really confuses and frustrates you nearly as much anymore – then you are brought to a much more emotionally strong and resilient place overall, so that you know your life and personal path will be a lot more stable in general going forward.

Once life suddenly makes sense, and you are able to plow forthrightly towards your goals –

Then we just have to manifest things a little differently…and push into a different world.

Because that means that things are completely better over time…

And that allows us – along with the vikings…to create a better and stronger vision and life –

…without a lot of hurdles and other crap, to hold us back – along the way.


Build up your life using the Vikings:


Looking for some life success through the spirits?



Using the Olympic spirits to enhance intelligence…

Establishing greater mental control, and the ability to harness your brain power –

…far more effectively requires certain spirits to guide your brain and mind into place.

This causes a very specific form of mental acuity and vision to blossom – to the point that life just feels and becomes far stronger and more resilient over time, which is the side effect of having far greater intelligence…

Och – Enhances your emotional quotient (EQ) in a way that helps you think better, clearer, and gently increases your intelligences through better decision making.

Hagith – Increases your decision making power through increased emotional control and intelligence (EQ) and boosts your decision making power so that you can relate to others better; also slightly enhances general memory and intelligence.

Creating devastating mental and emotional growth in your life – actually has a purpose, and that turns into a not good series of…almost conclusions about our lives…

Because most people cannot handle negativity and mental devastation, but to move forward – we need to let go of those past ways of thinking and that foolish thinking that led us here –

That is what we are heading towards and nothing is badly negatively charged, and willing to work for itself…until you realize that nothing is going alright, most of the time – but we have to make it all good and positive for the years to come.

If we concentrate enough and allow the spirits to help us, there is no telling how crazy creatively good life can be – once all the mental and emotional pieces are pushed into place –

And the olympic spirits can help guide you there…


Boost your intelligence with the Olympic spirits:


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