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How to do well financially at all times through magick…

If you would like better finances you might use some small financial tweaks that you are not easily seeing.

This is about developing your finances in a way that causes you to flourish with your money situation, even when times get a little challenging.

That’s the biggest test of all – can you really sustain a positive financial situation even when your life gets a little rough?

It’s not about removing all of life’s hardships; that’s not really possible.

The spirits can push us to understand how we can make small changes to our budgets, our finances in general and optimize our spending so that we only buy the things we need and far less of the stuff that just goes to waste.

This is not about trying to create more income out of nothing.

You can create an amazing financial situation without having to make more money – it’s just about shifting how you spend your money so that you have more in your pocket at the end of each week, and less spend on needless crap.

That is not how most people think about their finances, but it is a huge shift for those who just want to stop bullshit spending that doesn’t make sense – the stuff that makes them cringe that the end of each month.

The spirits can help us here, and you’d be amazed at how quickly your spending habits shift…

Bune – Causes you to spend in a way that is perfect for your situation, removing any needless purchases and boosting your budgeting to be perfectly wise so you have more money in pocket each week.

Lelahel – Enables you to budget in a perfectly intelligent way so that you have far more money in hand each month; guides you to cut out all unnecessary spending.

Embracing better spending habits going forward doesn’t have to be a chore or something you have to focus extra hard on – it’s just about making lots of smarter choices that add up over time to create a better budget.

This isn’t something that is remotely difficult as long as you take all the smaller steps to make the bigger change happen – it won’t be challenging at all.

Other times though, we want to help others create better budgets so that they can develop better money situations over time – thereby having more money in hand each week.

They might think it’s impossible, but I think we know better by now.

It’s likely that they have some unnecessary spending going on, with some finances decisions that aren’t so wise – and that’s not something that they can keep going forward with.

This is about helping them help themselves so that nothing is out of reach – especially the simple pleasures that we might consider basic, but they think they can’t afford.

A few more spirits can help them with their budgeting and spending choices so that everything turns out much better over time…

Aniel – Causes the target to embrace smarter spending choices so that everything they do financially is perfectly wise; they just buy everything they need – leave out everything they don’t need, and generally just budget themselves in a way that is perfect for their finances.

Hagith (Olympic spirit) – Enables the target to budget perfectly in a way that they have more cash at the end of each week and zero needless spending; they suddenly have their finances in order in such a way that weird or foolish spending is not a thing anymore.

These financial changes are not to be under estimated – you just know from the money in your wallet how big the transition can be when you stop making foolish spending decisions.

Not everyone can make the same choices with their money – and it’s different for everyone – but we all need to optimize our spending in a way that is perfectly efficient.

Very few people have perfect budgets and spending and it is not a thing to be without any extra money after your bills and think that you have a decent budget.

That is not a good situation, and some people just need to change the way they think about their finances.

This is how the spirits can help us – and it’s not that big of a deal to work with them to sort out your money situation for the better in a way that you actually have more spending cash at the end of the month.


Enhance your money life using the demons:


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