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How to slow time with the qlippoth angels…

Causing your world and…perception to slow down – incredibly –

Literally requires a perceptual shift, where the spirits guide your mind and brain…

To think differently, and more adjusted to this reality – in a very differently, direct way…such that even the element of time – feels very gradual and different.

Several special spirits can help here…

Achaiah – Causes perception and reality to shift such that everything looks and feels like slow motion; you can specify what events, situations or however you want the time slow down to take effect.

Laviah – Enables deep perception and reality shifts so that you can experience any event or situation with a slower passage of time; you experience everything slower and retain the memory of everything relevant so you can enjoy the experience more fully.

Bringing your mind and brain to a higher level –

Might mean that we experience each moment in a deeper way, and in this regard…

We might possibly need our mind to catch up with our deeper appreciation of each ingrained moment –

And one last qlippoth angel, can help…

Nelachel – Causes you to slow down and to enrich your perception so that you can savor each moment perfectly; enables you to fully experience each moment so that your enjoyment of life in general is greatly enhanced.

Guiding your mind and general perception into a higher level of functioning…

Almost requires that our beliefs…shift to be more accepting of how the world ends up over time, and we understand what it truly – and genuinely means –

To live and experience life…at a much higher level, in general.


Using the qlippoth angels:


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