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Removing hideous people and all negative influences from your life using magick…

Dealing with enemies won’t be such a big deal –

…but sadly most people don’t know a strong enough sorcerer to help them evoke certain spirits.

This can be a very grand and mighty problem in general – but thankfully we both know what certain spirits can do in terms of generating enough power to create real change…

And in this case we just want some nasty and corrosive influences to be removed from our lives completely –

Because that has to make complete sense to all parties involved, and now we have to ensure a better and stronger future in general…by asking some for some much needed help against those who just appear to be completely against us.

A few spirits can help here…

Hahaiah (qlippoth angel) – Causes those who are nasty and evil to be completely removed from your life in a way that exposes them to the people who most matter in their lives; destroys their reputation so that they are completely revealed to those closest to them while also removing them from your life.

Barbatos (demon) – Brings your worst enemies to be exposed in a very embarrassing way where they are completely removed from your life; reveals them for the evil acts they have done onto others and ruined their reputations completely in the process. Can also remove enemies from the lives of those you love.

Clearly this is about getting a balanced and even situation out of all the harmful chaos –

Because our lives and general modes of concentration and focus…

Are nothing but completely off track and almost…surreal situations and moments of severely unreal reality corrections that very few people would honestly see correctly.

We also have to see that the greater picture is not so dishonest or anything else, but also that our eyes and lopsided general features just have to mesh and blend with reality –

With that other problem going away – and our lives just somehow working out in the long run…differently…

And it just has to be this way, with the spirits and gods helping us out – guiding us to ensure that justice is restored.


Protect yourself using the qlippoth angels:


Using the demons:


Need something different?



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