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Using the qlippoth angels to correct injustice…

Have you been wronged and want justice?

This is an interesting situation to be in because we don’t always know how to react to people who wrong us.

How on earth do you know that saying or doing something is enough to get back at them?

What if you didn’t have to do anything at all to get back at them?

This is the key to correcting injustice through spirits like the fallen angels. They do not like wicked actions or people, and they like to restore justice in very unique ways.

It’s not even a joke that they will sometimes restore justice without humans asking them to. It’s very curious that they often follow our intentions to take out small bits of revenge just so the bad people don’t get away with the horrible stuff they do.

But here we will see how insane the fallen angels powers really go.

It’s not what you think at all, and it’s kind of crazy that some people didn’t think we could work with them.

They are called fallen angels by accident – they are the rougher side of the normal angels.

Don’t think of them as separate entities; they want to be known as the negative side of the regular 72 angels.

Most people in the occult have no idea that’s the case, but most don’t work with the spirits like I do.

Now they want to work with us more, and they want to hear exactly what you have to say. They want to hear your part of the story like few else would before.

Without further ado, let’s go:

Lavel – Creates deep sorrow and torment

When someone nasty inflicts this on others, it rebounds so that they feel very deep sorrow, torment and regret. An apology is compelled, but if that doesn’t happen, their lesson just deepens and it becomes a very nasty fall.

Vesheriah – Pushes enemies into situations that are seemingly unfair

Curious power that pushes enemies into situations that likely seem very unfair to them. Somewhat mild punishment that forces them to discover small to medium life lessons through pain and discomfort.

Melahel – Brings illness and injury

Causes those who constantly wish ill will on others to have illness and injury themselves in crazy ways. Brings the wicked very deep illness that lingers and doesn’t easily go away.

Rehoel – To exhaust an enemy and cause mental confusion

Crazy attack that removes their energy (giving it to you) and causes deep confusion. They are only able to concentrate on past lessons they have yet to assimilate and it can cause a torturous feeling that they won’t get ahead without first admitting they messed up.

These are all very specific baneful attacks that actually restore justice.

If you are thinking to use one of these spirits, they are likely bringing you in to help fix your situation. Literally speaking they are telling you it’s okay to seek their aid to resolve things so that “they” don’t get away with anything.

This is a very unique situation because most people don’t even consider the fallen angels when they think of taking revenge on others.

This also brings up an interesting point – are we really enacting revenge when we use spirits like the fallen angels to correct our situations?

They don’t think of it as revenge, really. It’s more like cosmic justice.

You are telling the universe that you acknowledge some wrong that was made against you, and you are now taking back your power and using spirits to help do that. You are embracing the fact that you have the right to protect yourself, and now all that nasty stuff that was thrown at you is fired back.

What if you don’t know what sort of damage you want to cause your enemy?

There is a very curious and willing angel for that:

Vevaliah – Destroys enemies completely

If your enemy just needs to be taken down completely, Vevaliah is perfect. He will find all ways to punish and discipline the enemy into submission, causing them to move away, fall away and die into rebirth. Very powerful attack that seriously packs a punch. Destruction happens uniquely for each enemy.

This is the perfect fallen angel with the best powers if you don’t really know how to resolve your situation.

Are you getting now how these angels can help you?

These angels mean business and it’s not in a playful way either.

If they’re nudging you, it’s likely you have a situation that they can help you with. Please don’t ignore those nudges. They are trying to help and you will feel 10x better once you know justice has been restored.

You don’t know how amazing it feels to know a nasty bullshit enemy has gone down until you’ve seen it happen. It can be a bit comical sometimes to see them try to avoid their lessons at all costs -which is a very unwise move from very foolish people – otherwise they wouldn’t have done what they did to us.

Are you willing to correct injustice with the fallen angels?

They are far more willing to work with you than most people realize.

All you have to do is ask and reach out to them.


Restore justice using the qlippoth angels:


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