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Using the qlippoth angels to develop your money life…

Shifting your finances into a stable and quality state of being –

…does not have to be any sort of issue or challenge.

But we must figure out our work and personal lives as they relate to money, because if we have no idea how our budgets and personal lives connect to each other…

Then we might have a far larger problem on our hands, and that isn’t a good thing whatsoever.

Twisting reality in order to align work and career – and possibly changing everything to finally have a job that you can also call a long term work related project you can rely on long term…

This is about making it all make sense and getting your career and work life centered and evolved so that we don’t face harsh and brutal questions about our professional lives later on –

And several spirits can help us with this…

Shahahiah – Align your work and personal life such that both evolve and ascend; this gives a solid boost to your career while pushing your personal evolution to the max (within reasonable means).

Lehachiah – Enhances your personal evolution such that your professional life (career / work life) are equally boosted and enhanced; they are technically in alignment after this.

If your career and work life leave a lot to be desired…

…or at least you feel that might be the case –

You might need to just shake out of that deep feeling of possibly being stuck – because that won’t serve you for very long, and we have a lot of ground to cover with the other spirits…

Vevaliah – Dissolves the feeling of being stuck or idle in a way that nothing you do works out or makes a difference. Causes you to see and feel what needs to be done to change your situation for the better – then guides you to see how your work life can be made better, or else guides you into the career that you desire and need for long term happiness.

This is the difference between switching jobs after several years of stagnation and unhappiness –

…and knowing that your career and professional life is actually somewhat secure…where you are actually fulfilled and not as questionable about your work life.

That is a huge thing for some people, and that is why we need to set aside trivial matters for the moment and just dive into a very real and powerful experience that the qlippoth angels can bring…

Because we already know that real and drastic change is something that we all want –

But this is a not so gradual shift and change for the better that we all can individually and collectively enjoy while our money and career lives get exponentially stronger and more stable as the angels help and guide us over time.


Use the qlippoth angels to boost your money life:


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