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Enhancing life clarity and experiencing a massive life breakthrough through the demons…

Welcoming huge and significant life…shifting and drastic change can be the biggest challenge of all –

But what if it wasn’t difficult, and that magick – through the spirits of this world and universe…

Could somehow bring us to the next level – and that has to be a big deal overall, and that brings us to the next level in general.

Several demons can help us here –

Raum – Allows you to be perfectly guided to shift your life in a huge way that causes you to transform your life such that everything changes for the better; you become more aligned with who you are, you understand what you want, and (if applicable), you move to accommodate the deep changes that are happening to you.

Phenex – Causes deep life transformation in a way that you see and feel your self-changing for the better; enables you to experience complete life transformation in a way that allows you to discover who you truly are without any limitations – you understand yourself and you suddenly know where to go with yourself.

Pushing into a new world and universe of change and deeply embraced positive elements…

Just has to be what we strive for –

And everything else can just be a secondary goal for now as we slowly – but surely and quickly…

Become the best of our soul and body selves…over a very short period of time –

Two final demons can help us focus and bring everything else in our lives together…

Agares – Guides the target to understand where they need to go, and brings them to act on the new path that they’ve discovered; they will do whatever it takes to get where they want / need to go, and it will be a huge positive shift for them – all for the better.

Gremory – Allows the target to understand their path in terms of what they need to do and how they need to act to get there; they will move quickly to put everything into place such that everything they’ve wanted just comes into place in a relatively short amount of time, creating a huge beneficial change for them. Literally everything changes for the better.

Though we might want to use this on others –

…it is greatly beneficial to use for ourselves first – and then…possibly later…

Use this on ourselves – but that has to be flipped…and it becomes a very drastic realization very differently, that things just evolve and separate in a very differently dramatic and fast way.

The demons and many other spirits can help us get to where we need to be, but we need to reach out to them first…to make that change happen –


Use the demons for serious life change:


Need some life direction?



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